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By MayaNik
This story comes from the Thai island of Koh Samui.

I found myself on an unexpected off-roading moped trip being driven around on a winding, bumpy and uneven road was one thing (I was on the back and felt every one of those bumps). The hills were getting particularly steep and the road was getting very curvy - not to mention all the locals who were driving on the wrong side of the road). We came up to a crazy incline and were gearing up for a very slow climb, with the bike being pushed to it's max.

Behind us came two very large dogs who were VERY angry that we were there. They were easily running right by the bike since we were going so slow and I could see how close their massive mouths were to my legs. I actually debated kicking them in the face but luckily we were able to speed away. That was a crazy unexpected adventure!
: O

Haha, oh dear! : )
I once took a bike travel across eastern Europe and carried a pepper spray with me for exactly this reason... There also was a situation when we got chased by dogs, but of course I didn't end up using the spray and just pedaled forward as fast as I could.

There was a snap really close to my legs, but luckily nothing happened : )
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