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By sam.adams
Hi all,

I literally joined this site a few hours ago, scrolled through some posts but couldn't find anything completely relevant to me so decided to make my own topic in hopes someone might have some advice to share.

I've recently been doing a lot of thinking about where I see myself in the future, and what I would like to be doing right now. I think what it all boils down to is that I love the idea of travelling and having lots of free time, and I'm happy to live in cheaper parts of the world to achieve this. I don't have enough money to be self sufficient without working, so I need to find a way of generating an ongoing income stream, preferably one that over time could become a passive or near passive income stream.

I currently have a good job, and I've just bought a house which is currently being built. I plan on living there for a while and renting the spare rooms out to knock the mortgage off sooner. If I was to move out at a later stage I know that having tenants in place would cover the majority of the repayments, so if I was to leave I wouldn't sell it, and it would be paid off by the time I'm ready to retire and I could then live off the rental income if I was in a country where the cost of living was cheaper than it is here.

Here's my problem. I'm not especially tech savvy, and as yet don't have any marketable online skills that I'm aware of. My work experience thus far has consisted of a lot of basic sales jobs in my 20's, I managed a small finance company in my early 30's, managed an weighbridge after that, and currently work as a call centre manager. I'm 36 right now. I'm great with numbers and for two years in my 20's I supported myself through online poker and continue that as a hobby, but due to variance I wouldn't feel comfortable taking a leap where I actually relied on poker earnings, even though it is likely I'd make some sort of small profit on the side whether online or in casinos. I've explained some of my skills to better assist anyone reading this to suggest what direction I could take things.

The good news (for me), is that I am still young, and prepared to learn new skills that are going to increase my chance of living the kind of life that I want to live in the future. All I want to do is create options, so that if I decide to walk away and be a Digital Nomad in the future I can, and if I later decide that staying where I am is the right option I won't have lost anything anyway as I will have gained some extra skills that can increase my market value in other job roles, and probably an extra income stream if I have the spare time to apply myself.

I'm thinking of going for a bachelors degree next year, and if anyone can suggest a course that might suit me I would love to listen, and if anyone thinks that's not necessary and has an alternative idea I'd be interested in hearing it too. The reason I'd like to make it a bachelors degree rather than learning a skill without a degree, is that it then further opens up avenues to support myself like teaching English as a second language overseas, I don't plan on going down that route, but this project is all about opening doors for my future so may as well open as many as possible simultaneously. I think anything that could lead me to making $2,000/$2,500USD a month or more without working more than about 30 hours a week at hours that suit me from my computer and we're having a real conversation. Earning less would be too restrictive and working more would not really achieve what I have in mind. I feel like there are so many directions I could take this but I just need some advice and guidance to get me started on the right path. Time is not really a factor, long term sustainability while maintaining a chilled out lifestyle is my main priority.
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By Robert O'Kruk
Hey Sam,

You mentioned when joining the FB group that you feel you would not be able to take advantage of what I'm teaching in the live masterclass this Thursday for a long time. After reading through your entire post I actually think just the opposite, what I'll be covering is exactly the kind of stuff you need to learn asap.

It will be applicable to apply slowly (eg. while you still work another job) or it can work faster if you put 100% of your time into it.

You've got the most important part down which is the will to learn new things. I'll shoot you a PM on FB too :)
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