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By Vikmarth
Hello there,
I was a student in 3D design in Paris and now I'm going to New-Zealand for one year and I would like to be a digital nomad.
I would be glad if you can help me to find a good laptop for my software ( 3Dsmax, Zbrush, photoshop etc... ) and good websites with people interested by these services (architect or independent...).
It would also be a pleasure to hear about 3D designer working as digital nomad all around the world !
Thank you a lot in advance,
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By Robert O'Kruk
Hey Vikmarth,

I would highly recommend a refurbished macbook Pro (with warranty) if you want the maximum bang for you buck in terms for performance and being ideal for digital nomadism. You can checkout Upwork.com to see if there's any remote work available there for your niche. Let me know what you think about my suggestions :)

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