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Hi, my name's Zach. Nice to meet everyone and be part of the community.

I am currently traveling in Eastern Europe ( Turkey currently ) off of savings.

I am interested in creating income remotely to continue traveling. I have explored information on the popular options, but the advice is conflicting.

I am 19 years old with no marketable skills ( yikes). I have looked into coding boot camps and a TEFL degree. I have seen many say that your chances of creating income through a few months of intensive coding practice is unrealistic. Also, most jobs requiring a TEFL also require a bachelor in English.

How can I create income to continue traveling? I am concerned many options may be unrealistic, or more concerned with parting me from my money. What do you think?

Please feel free also to email suggestions to

Thanks for your time, and nice to meet everyone!
Hey Zach,

There are many English teaching opportunities that do require TEFL or bachelors. (although those are helpful). The coding bootcamps can be effective but must be combined with remote work platform skills. Eg. you need to learn how to find remote work on remote work platforms which I'm not sure the coding bootcamps have a big focus on this.

Have you thought about using Workaway or a similar volunteer site to travel for free while you learn new things and figure out what you might be interested in?
I guess I should have spent more time in writing this. I have done some further, down-the-rabbit-hole type research, and have narrowed it down to a specific question.

Is there anyway to go from zero experience in programming to working remotely? It sounds unreasonable, but I believe in lateral options. Though I see none, I'm not so informed.

Are there any career fields one can begin remotely? I don't know why I'm so stuck on a "career"....

However I am not against looking at the odd jobs route, there are many ways to skin a cat.
I don't know about going from zero experience because that would mean definitely needing to take on some low paying work. Good pay is earned by those who do good work, and good work when it comes to development typically requires some experience.

Something you could become quite proficient at very quickly depending on the type of person you are is becoming a virtual assistant. This could be a great way to get income remotely, learn some new skills along the way, and if you're really a digital nomad then you can take advantage of living somewhere with a low cost of living and work less. Then with your free time, develop skill and experience with developing if that's the route you're still interested in going.
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