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So I have a few skills under my belt and I have posted jobs on fiverr and Etsy but I don’t get any bites. I make social media accounts and website to help promote and tried amazon affiliates (made £3.64 in 12 months), word press adds (made £0.12p) and feeling a bit deflated by it all.

I have put in some hard graft but I just don’t seem to be hitting the mark. Do you think I should focus on one website and push that and it’s income streams, or build and push all 4?

Thank you for your help
Main challenge faced as a digital nomad or internet marketer is focussing on a specific area of work to make money for daily expense. Amazon affiliates take time to achieve a goal. Upwork is a good platform to upload your skills. If you are a freelancer you will get opportunities.
Don't leave the Amazon Affiliate work, it will take time to buildup audience.

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