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By maxinewildhaber
Keep out of this website.
My son rented a room in Milan. A shady landlady stole the 2 months rent that my son prepared for her as she wouldn’t give him the Iban number,.
Got thrown out and the door locked for 2 days before he got his belongings.
Got hassled when he went at last to get his belongings.
Now I am on my from Switzerland to Milano to go to the police and get a lawyer.
Spotahome.com is not reliable like other websites Airbnb, booking. com etc
They just check the apts but not the people renting them, in the case of my son a liar and thief!
Keep out of them.
Simply a nightmare and when I wrote a negative review on Trustpilot they erase it and spotahome replied they have to check if they can publish it.
What a scam!!

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