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By maxinewildhaber
Keep out of this website.
My son rented a room in Milan. A shady landlady stole the 2 months rent that my son prepared for her as she wouldn’t give him the Iban number,.
Got thrown out and the door locked for 2 days before he got his belongings.
Got hassled when he went at last to get his belongings.
Now I am on my from Switzerland to Milano to go to the police and get a lawyer.
Spotahome.com is not reliable like other websites Airbnb, booking. com etc
They just check the apts but not the people renting them, in the case of my son a liar and thief!
Keep out of them.
Simply a nightmare and when I wrote a negative review on Trustpilot they erase it and spotahome replied they have to check if they can publish it.
What a scam!!
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By hikinggearlab
Very sad to read the hassle your son faced. Actually, the website spotahome is not taking care of the quality of the renting community. They should consider the previous experiences of the tenants while listing.

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