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By SarahSeacrest
Hi DN’s! :)

For the past year, our team at Ambit has been working on building a smarter contacts app that makes it easier to share contact information and stay connected while on the go and living the digital nomad lifestyle! We are thrilled to be launching and would love to have your feedback!

Here is a peek at what Ambit has to offer:

-Automatic contact updates: Update your details once and they’ll be updated for everyone you share with. When your contacts make changes, you automatically get their new details.

-Details that matter: Go beyond the standard address book with photos, bio, social profiles and more and keep all of the important information about your contacts organized in one place!

-Be in control: You choose who has your details and you can stop sharing with anyone at any time.

If you would be willing to help us out, our app can be downloaded here: https://apple.co/2LHWbj6

Or you can learn more about us here: http://bit.ly/2JUiD3z

Any and all feedback is appreciated! Thank you in advance for your help!
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