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By nikki.thomas
I'm planning on buying my van within the next six months, getting it set up as a camper van, installing solar, etc. I've been doing a lot of research and I'll be doing a lot more. But there's one question I have that I haven't seen brought up on any blogs.

What do you do for personal security? Especially as a single woman on the road alone, I feel like I should have some kind of protection. I do know how to shoot a gun, but not sure that would be the best weapon of choice for a small space. Plus I don't know what the laws are in each state, how to be legal with it. So I'm wondering, taser maybe? Pepper spray? Or do you just keep your doors locked and hope for the best?

I wasn't worried about it until my mom voiced her concerns. Now it has me wondering...
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By Wolfi
Hi nikki.thomas,
never ever think that a gun could protect you. This could really end badly. Instead of weapons, visit courses for self defense. You will learn how to defend yourself, use pepper sprays and react correctly in every situation. The presence of crime depends a lot on the country you visit. Watch out for choosing save parking areas/places.

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