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By PeterP
Hi Dns,

I'm preparing myself for the transition from rehab to DN. I had a workplace accident resulting in an amputated right leg.

I have a government annuity, can live comfortably in Australia if id like, and I'm currently establishing a personal Algo Trading system for travel. So work and $$ are not the problems, more general healthcare, maid services, personal chefs etc for someone like myself??

If there are any disabled DNs OR even if you have met with some during travel I would love to hear any constructive comments.

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By Robert O'Kruk
Wow very interesting to hear! I'm happy you're still adventuring! I think Bali might be a good spot for you. You can have affordable access to everything mentioned. The only thing I would do more research about is the healthcare to support your unique health situation.

Rock on Peter!

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