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By cadenmackenzie
Are you interested to learn programming while traveling the world?

CodingNomads is very excited to announce our Python web development course in Barcelona, Spain, July 2018!

The course will focus on building complex web applications with Python, MySQL database management and Amazon Web Services (AWS). The course is 12 weeks total - 6 weeks in Barcelona and 6 weeks online. It starts with two weeks of online prep work to get up to speed on programming fundamentals. Then it's 6 weeks of onsite training in Barcelona where you can learn, travel, and make memories of a lifetime with a fun group of fellow coders! The course ends with 4 more weeks of online remote team collaboration to simulate what it's like to work as a Digital Nomad, and solidify your new Software Engineering skills in portolio projects. We also help with career and interview prep to help you transition into work as a programmer.

If you are interested in finding out more about a future in programming, please check out the course description: http://codingnomads.co/python-coding-bootcamp. You can also reach out to me at caden@codingnomads.co for more information.

Learn to code, travel the world, and have the time of your life!

Best regards,

Instructor at CodingNomads

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