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After months of hard work and planning + years of learning as a digital nomad, I'm extremely excited to share the Mindful Nomads Retreat. A team effort with Hayleigh Bailey & Bruno Padilha.

For aspiring & beginner digital nomads looking to develop the skills needed to succeed with remote work and balance their life with yoga + meditation. The Mindful Nomads Retreat is a life-changing learning experience on the stunning Lake Atitlan in Guatemala

Learn more here! https://mindfulnomadsretreat.com/

Please feel free to share any questions or comments below. Can't wait to help change 15 lucky peoples lives! :)

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Hey Sarah,

While we have some plans to run more based on the overwhelming positive feedback we've been getting, we have not discussed running one specifically for families. But! This retreat is hosted at the intentional community of Tribal Village where multiple couples and families exist. It would be possibly to accomodate your child and have some baby-sitting / child-care while you're in the retreat. If this appeals to you please submit an application and we can discuss more details or at the least put you on our list of people interested in future retreats :)

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