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Hello everyone! I am what I'd call an amateur traveller and I've come in search of help.

About one year ago, when I was temporarily living in another European country, I saw myself travelling more than ever before and found that the flimsy backpack I owned was not appropriate.

As such, I decided to buy one. But, at the time, I knew nothing of suitable backpacks for travelling more than the occasional weekend or two-week trip. (To be fair… I still don’t, hence why I’m here)

I ended up buying an Everett Ardenis 40. During the times I’ve used it I’ve noted some good and bad things about it.

Recently I’ve been looking at suitable packs for long-term backpackers and that can pass as carry-ons, but I cannot come to a conclusion whether my current backpack is good enough or if I should buy a different one.

I was hoping that, giving you some details of my pack, you’d kindly offer me your honest opinions on the overall backpack and especially if you think it can pass as a Carry-on bag?

- Height-adjustable canopy
- The pit for additional attachment
- Clamping Trekking sticks and anchor
- H2O ready – preparation for water bag with a lead
- Shoulder straps – anatomically shaped and padded
- Side compression straps
- Chest strap with whistle
- Hip belt (anatomically shaped and padded) with 2 pockets
- Side Elastic pockets
- Front access to inside which opens all around and in the middle, as well as top access
- 1 internal compartment (non-padded or protected; not much internal pocket division in general)
- 1 top external pocket/compartment
- Back system: breathable, AIRON VENTILATION SYSTEM + ventilation control AIRON REGULATION SYSTEM. Height adjustable
- Integrated Raincover
- Loading capacity: 14kg
- Volume: approx. 40l
- Overall dimensions: 57 x 29 x 25 cm
- Material: Nylon 420D 2-layer ripstop 600D/PU

Additional information:
- Lockable zippers (ringed zippers).
- No place to tuck away the straps if needed
- No extra Dailypack

*For images of the backpack, just google Everett Ardenis 40 backpack, because I still need to learn how to attach pictures on posts like this... urgh, shame on me (I see the icon up there, but ain't really sure what to do after I've clicked on it...) :lol:

Thanks so much for the attention. I hope to hear from you because what I really need is a second, third, fourth (whatever) opinion on the matter. :D

- AT
I have been travelling with the Osprey farpoint 40 (same litre size as yours) for about 1.5 years as carry on around the world without a problem. If the backpack still has life in it and is comfortable to carry (on your body) then just keep it untill it's worn out, fix it then if you can, and at that point I would say get the backpack I mentioned. Lifetime warranty. It's perfect.
The present one you are holding is a good one only, by seeing the features you have written. Normally, any new backpack will take some time to be comfortable with your body. Frequently changing backpack is not advisable. Your backpack is holding all the features required for you, then when it gets damage only you change to a new one. Once you pack a backpack in a planned manner, you will feel more comfortable. :) :) :)

Though little costly, Osprey Exos 58 will be a great option. Osprey Exos 58 is a great comfortable backpack, you will love it. :| :| :|
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