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Hi folks,

I work in international development and am looking for a bag to replace a Deuter Bike Bag. My requirements are:

- daily use (i.e not a 40l, max 30 or 20-25 but expandable)
- rugged & easy to clean ( i work in a lot of different environments, incl. dusty floors, dirty cars and I want to take the bag out in the nature)
- organized for work (i need to carry laptop and oher tech + occasionally some documents)
- hiking compatible (i like hiking and i want to avoid having to buy a separate bag, i.e. it should be comfortable, good straps and some ventilation, also good for cycling, ideally some hip straps)
- style (should work with a suit too! so some degree of style, no 50 straps dangling...)

I looked at Minaal (but I miss the organizer features on the daily pack), Tortuga Outbreaker 35 (out of stock), Nomatic Travel Pack (Available Apr. 15). Any other ideas?


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