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1. Which country do you belong and where are you living your expatriate life today?

2. What are some ways you use VPN?

3. What are some local streaming channels do you access using VPN?

4. Do you use VPN for safer browsing and to prevent online theft?

5. Why do you think VPN is essential for an expat/digital nomad?
When I need to browse “from” a specific country (which is almost never), I use ‘tor’ which is slow, but free. I also use it when I want to foil the snoops that want to follow us around.
Mainly for security reasons. I don't trust Airbnb hosts, coffee shops, ISPs, airports, etc. Even when I was living in the US and had a house, I would use VPN to hide my traffic from my ISP.

Without a VPN, they could be collecting a list of every URL you access and all content you are seeing.

I always use a VPN, on computer and phone. I use IVPN, but actually it has started giving me problems now that I'm in Turkey, and support doesn't know why. Other than that, they're great.


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