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By jinjin
Who else here has a Mon-Fri "9-5" remote job (though we all work longer hours, I'm sure!). It's great that it's remote because I can travel and work remotely but it takes a bit away from it that I have to be stuck in my AirBnB for most of the day every weekday. I have to take 30 min-1.5hr long calls so co-worker spaces don't really work. I get a little stir crazy and then also a bit annoyed I can't go outside and explore (this was particularly bad in Europe since I had to keep US hours and most restaurants/bars were closed by the time I finished work). What do you guys do to combat this? (besides FB and forums ;p)
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By martin-martin
Oh wow, this is very interesting! Thanks for posting about it.

I think there are certainly settings when doing remote work might end up being more limiting than a traditional 9 to 5 job! (e.g. with the time difference that you mentioned).

Where and why are you traveling, and what do you end up doing in those odd times when work is finished but life is not especially... active in the country you're visiting?

I'm personally not working 9-5, so I have a different experience.
I have a slow-going constant job that does not require much time effort (also doesn't earn much, though), and then once in a while get to do contracting work on larger projects. So my time structure is different, more like sometimes a lot of time at my own disposal (for projects etc.), sometimes not much at all, but for a limited time period.
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By sam.hicks
1) Sometimes your home office can shift their expectations of you slightly-- so that you may not be keeping totally normal hours in your locale but can live "off" by 2 or 3 hours (instead of the standard 5 or 6 difference with US Eastern) or off by only 5 or 6 (instead of the standard 8 or 9 difference with Pacific time zone). To your co-workers at HQ, it seems like you come in at 6am their time and bail at 2pm.... Making five hours of overlap with them. Obviously not always feasible but this is one idea.

2) Barcelona, Madrid, Lisbon for the late-starters on nightlife. Social dinner at 10pm is normal, late bar till 3am (this is by reputation and very limited ancient experience, so you should verify).

3) Get out in the mornings and find stuff to do. Sure, most people start work in the morning, but not everyone. Go find them.

4) Get used to the idea of packing in a lot of social life into laaaaate Friday, through Sunday nights. Take those Sunday nights to the limit, coz you don't have to be at the "office" til after lunch Monday!

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