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research carried out at Cornell University...

has found a way to break this damaging cycle. Psychology professor Thomas Gilovich has shown that we experience the same increase in happiness when we buy something we want and when we go traveling. But — and here’s the most important point — the amount of happiness we derive from our purchase falls over time, whereas the memories of our traveling experience continue to supply us with happiness hormones for much longer”

This was what we felt when we created Globestamp. We felt that creating our journals and books of travel memories would give us the feeling of achievement and fulfillness . we believed that we could create something that would make people feel special and fulfilled by remembering and sharing their travel memories and secrets.

And that is why I created this post... so that all of we, travel lovers... could remember how we felt every time we met a new culture… how we felt when we breathed different smells, different people.... how we felt relaxed, enthusiastic... and how we felt alive by being away from our problems... the illusion of discovering and finding something new... That released us from our depressions or our daily routines... Travelling make us happy and make us dreaming =) It makes us feeling that everything is possible…

We created Globestamp...

We are the naive ones that still believe we can change the world... or at least make it a bit better... bringing people together and make them closer is our goal by sharing experiences and help eachother. and by giving the possibility to contribute to others... we believe that a thank you or a “you did great” may cheer up our days a lot. and mixing that with the dream of exploring new destinations and new cultures... made us moving forward...

Globestamp mission is to provide a platform where travel lovers can share their travel memories and secretes and create their travel dreams based on their friends or their favourite bloggers experiences.

We want that anyone in Globestamp can feel special and relevant, it does not matter if you travel much or less, your contribute will be always be rewarded by our Stamps currency system. The ones that travel the most will be the most popular, however each one can be the most relevant in every small city or sector.

As an example. Carol Michaels is a Globestamp user who in fact did not travelled much, however she has an amazing relevance due to his lovely pictures of his home town and his great suggestions for local restaurants.

Thank you all for listening and sharing our mission.

Luis Ensinas
Globestamp app CEO
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