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By karem.ortiz
Hi fellow DNs!

I am blogging about Sustainability and I am certain that digital nomads have a sustainable lifestyle and are the most that contribute to the countries they visit.
Do you agree with the following:

1. The lifestyle of a DN is pretty sustainable in terms of supporting the locals, being respectful of other cultures, et
2. DNs are the best example of travelling sustainably whilst supporting local economies.

Your insights are very appreciated :)

Hey Karem,

To be honest I think while many digital nomads can be respectful of local culture, our presence often erodes it with demands for Western conveniences. From an environmental standpoint, it can be a very wasteful lifestyle with frequent flights, use of water bottles etc.

You can't really hold on to things to live as sustainably as possible since you're always moving around living an electronic lifestyle.

All said, many people are a lot more conservative and respectful than others, but overall it seems to be a very consumptious lifestyle.

I think with more advances of sharing systems and technology around a shared economy we could really improve the sustainability of this lifestyle :)
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By Sander
I am a little bit late to this party. I wrote an article last year about Digital Nomads and sustainability, you can find it at https://www.vanattekum.com/sustainable-digital-nomad/.

In general I feel there is a openness to transition into a more sustainable lifestyle, but the huge amounts of flights are a big issue. When DN's can limit their amount of flights and use alternative transport and mindsets it can be a sustainable lifestyle. This does require staying in one place for many months, traveling closer to home and trying to use the train whenever possible.

When I started my DN-lifestyle I was hoping this could be a movements towards Sustainability, but it seems I was a bit optimistic with that. Not every DN cares about sustainability.
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