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By rebecca.mclaughlin
Hi there,

My name is Rebecca McLaughlin and I am a student at the University of Canterbury, New Zealand. As part of my Masters in Applied Psychology Dissertation I am conducting research on remote workers. Specifically, I am investigating for whom remote work is best suited, how organisations can ensure success in implementation, and the potential outcomes of these arrangements. The resulting knowledge will contribute by allowing the benefits of remote work to be more widely enjoyed and further advancements to be made in the contemporary working environment.

If you work remotely, I would greatly appreciate your participation - you even have the chance to win a prize! Additionally, if you know of others who remote work please share this information with them. The more people who participate, the more accurate and valuable the results. Your help with the distribution of this survey is much appreciated!

Survey Link
http://canterbury.qualtrics.com/jfe/for ... EIFoxzTT3D

Thank you,
Rebecca McLaughlin
Department of Psychology
University of Canterbury
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By Catt Robertson
Oh, I'm currently working for homework.ca and have a lot of friends there who work remotely. I could share with them your link. Maybe, they'll even have some ideas like how to complete your survey.
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By racquellevia

I'm a student at the University of Southern California, researching the background/demographics of the digital nomad community.

Was your survey fruitful? If so, would you be willing to share the raw numbers or your finalized publication with me? I would of course cite it and give you full credit for the work.

Thank you!
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