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By joe.goerbert
Hi I'm Joe!

I've been writing business plans and copywriting for 10 and 6 years respectively. Fully nomadic for about 5 years, I can already look back on approximately 7 years of work-on-travel.

2 Years ago though I opened a co-creation studio in Guatemala at the Atitlan Lake, which is where I met Robbie and gave a talk at his first retreat, about VR and spiritual transcendence through technology.
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By Ermint Twizel
Hi Im Ermint I have been free from slavery for about 2 years. I hope to never return to the matrix.

I enjoy the freedom of being where ever, when ever I like. Still subject to irrational laws, but at least I can use global arbitrage and shop around for the best places to spend my time.

I am a world citizen, a free man... For the time being :)
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By cpiersonjr
Hello, my name is Charlie. I worked in the IT / Government industry to 18 years. I left my job in March 2018, and I have been looking for remote work since. The majority of the time, I do not hear anything back from the jobs that I have applied to. On the occasion that I get an interview, I typically do not get a response back good or bad. I realize that getting a remote job is not easy, but it seriously has been 7 months or so.

The reason I am looking for a remote job is because my with lives in Japan, while I live in the US. I want to be able to move there, but, unfortunately, her salary will not permit a spousal visa because it is too low. I even applied to be an English teacher over there and after the interviews I hear nothing. I simply need a remote job that I can do from anywhere and I will be fine.

I specialize in customer / technical support, but I also have project management and technical writing experience. I have checked a lot, if not all, of the remote job sites out there and I am totally at a loss.

I know my resume is fine and I know I interview well - I have had the resume reviewed several times and I have done tons of mock interviews. I really do not understand what the issue. I just want to find a job so I can be with my family.

Any assistance would be much appreciated. I am sorry for this, but I really do not know what else to do.

Thank you,
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By CwaveDave
Hey my name is David, I'm a self-employed website designer / SEO specialist ( Creative Wavelength )

I'm from Northern Ireland but currently residing in Mexico with my Fiancee and looking to move back to Europe at some stage maybe Spain or France. So my time is spent between work and trying to pick up the local language!
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By Prasad
Hi all,

This is prasad from India,

To work in a challenging environment demanding all my skills and efforts to explore and adapt myself in different fields and contribute to the development of organization with impressive performance
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By MeganPalmer
Hi Everyone. My name is Megan Palmer and i recently moved to Brisbane from South Africa. I am loving it. The freedom and safety is amazing. I am looking for work as a work at home admin / transcriber/ or any thing really for work at home.

Only reason why i say that is because my daughter only starts school next year so I am currently a stay at home mum and slowly loosing my mind as i have not been without a job in the past 6 years.

But yeah, that's me. :D
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By EleLenny
Hello, I'm Eleonora, native Italian living in Belgium for the past few years. I have a not-remote job for which I commute about 1h20' minutes each way at an office not really keen on investing on remote work options (despite frequent travelling and a position totally suitable for this).

I also have a side translation business which I look forward to expand, but I am not currently able to due to the more or less 13 hours I spend every week travelling.

So I am here looking for tips on how to make the transition to being a digital nomad!

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By MJStokes86
Hey Nomads!

I'm Michael and it's great to be part of this community. I always dreamed of becoming a nomad for awhile now and I want to start living that life. I am a web developer with years of experience coding websites using HTML5/CSS3, JavaScript, and WordPress. I want to be able to make a full-time livable income online somehow but I understand it's not easy to start but I know it's possible to achieve that. Becoming a digital nomad means the freedom to travel and being places on my own time. It's like having access to the world. I'm looking to connect with others who have achieved my goals and would like some guidance of how I can make my goals come to reality.
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