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By joe.goerbert
Hi I'm Joe!

I've been writing business plans and copywriting for 10 and 6 years respectively. Fully nomadic for about 5 years, I can already look back on approximately 7 years of work-on-travel.

2 Years ago though I opened a co-creation studio in Guatemala at the Atitlan Lake, which is where I met Robbie and gave a talk at his first retreat, about VR and spiritual transcendence through technology.
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By Ermint Twizel
Hi Im Ermint I have been free from slavery for about 2 years. I hope to never return to the matrix.

I enjoy the freedom of being where ever, when ever I like. Still subject to irrational laws, but at least I can use global arbitrage and shop around for the best places to spend my time.

I am a world citizen, a free man... For the time being :)
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