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By Matt Alexander
I'm Matt, from near Boston, US. I've been traveling around since May 2017. Mostly Mexico, Europe and SE Asia. I'm in Izmir, Turkey right now. About to go back to the US for a couple of weeks to see my friend be married.

Been working as a software engineer for about 15 years. I just left a job and took a few months off to relax, now I'm looking around for another.

Recently spent a week in Koh Tao, Thailand and learned how to scuba dive. Loved that.

I haven't been to China yet, but I can't spend too much time in Taiwan or Hong Kong because I am addicted to dumplings, xiaolongbao, and beef noodle soup.

I have had a profile on nomadlist for a while, and I just discovered this place today. Strong forum. Looking forward to digging in more.
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By Wolfi
Hi out there,
i am Wolfi from Italy. I have been a private investor and equity trader for long time and decided this year to break out and start my digital nomad life. Asia sounds good and i think you will find me there (my wife also :-) ) Hope you are all doing fine and live your own dreams, like i do.

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By JohnnyFD
Hey everyone, I'm Johnny FD, originally from San Francisco but a digital nomad since 2013 when I started my first online business while living in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

I read the 4-hour workweek in 2007 and moved to Thailand to pursue scuba diving and muay thai kickboxing.

I'm currently in eastern europe for the summer but will be traveling quite a lot this year. Check out my blog below for more details.

My business experience is with Amazon Kindle Publishing, Ecommerce, Dropshipping, Podcasting, Udemy, and much more.
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By Sealion
Hello Everyone,
I have joined the forum because I have recently resigned from my job, opened an offshore company and start I will start to travel around the world working as a digital nomad. I am in a mix of excitement, fears, doubts and ... most of all dreams. I hope I will find here answers, a good community to be part of and a place where to share experiences.
I will start my career as a perpetual nomad from Taiwan, then I will be moving between Asia countries for at least 1 year, then we will see.
I am happy to join the forum
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By Fatemeh
Hi to everyone,
I'm Fatemeh, from Iran. I have joined this forum to introduce my country to people around the world,because as you may all know, many people in many countries still believe Iranians are terrorists and it is not safe to travel to Iran. but the truth is, anyone who has traveled to Iran, has changed their mind completely.
I work in a travel agency and I love to invite everyone to visit Iran and feel how beautiful it is. Talking to Iranians and getting familiar with Ian culture and history is the best experience you may have during all your trips.
This is the travel guide part of our website:
https://www.irandestination.com/iran-ci ... vel-guide/
just take a look at it and see the wonders in Iran.

I hope to find so many good friends here :) :D
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By benjamin.simons
Hi there !

My name is Benjamin , I am from the UK but currently live in Albany NY, USA.

I have been working in healthcare most of my adult life and have a BSC in Nursing .

I have worked as an Emergency Room Nurse for about 3 years and also worked in just about every other area of healthcare.

Due to some ongoing health issues which are made worse by the stress of nursing i have decided to become a digital nomad as quickly as I can.

The ideal job for me is one where i can work from home or any location as my health and energy levels can be up and down throughout the day , there is also the possibility that we will be moving so that we are closer to a specialist who treats me.

I do not really know where to start as I have only come to this decision a coupe of days ago . I am starting to teach my self the basics of coding through a youtube course which is a start.

Any advice or even offers of work would be very much appreciated!

Best wishes

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