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By Equator Dawn
Aloha. I’m Equator Dawn. Thank you, Digital Nomads, for this to opportunity to connect. I’m a successful Business VA currently residing in Hawaii and self-employed as a contracted independent consultant. I’m available and looking for part-time records and information management / admin contracts. I intend to coach as a Nutritional Therapy Consultant in near future. Aloha.
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By Garbonzogreen
Greetings everyone!

My name is Bonnie. I'm a 33 year old Executive Assistant for a tech company in Portland, OR. About a year ago, my husband and I sold everything we owned, packed up our truck, and have been primarily living out of a tent in National Forests ever since!

I continue to work full time as an EA and my husband tends to all the logistics of our life (food, travel, finding cell signal, caring for our 2 large labradoodles, setting up rain tarps! lol). We're primarily interested in living more with less and spending as much time as we can w/ Mother Nature. :) It's been a wild year - incredibly challenging yet rewarding- and I'm looking forward to continuing the journey.

Hit me up if you want to talk about WFT (working from tent), cell boosters, traveling w/ dogs, plant-based eating on the road, camping, working remotely in a typically non-remote job, being a woman out in the wild, etc etc. Looking forward to connecting!
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By Saltwaterplay
Not sure this is the 'right' way to introduce myself but here goes-
iam, my mom named me susan and I am lost, looking for my tribe- seeking like minded souls who, like me enjoy travel. I am currently on Maine, leaving the 25th of April but know not where yet. Have traveled a lot around America but currently no place is calling out for me except to be warm. I spent the winter here, schelping live lobsters to Boston from Maine and the cost of living goes up beyond the income so I had to opportunity to step back and reevaluate the whole gig so now I forge forward, sorta' blindly in faith that the road will take me to where I may find ones like me.
I have lived 54 years mostly on Maine but am ready to find someplace warmer, friendly and receptive to my kind of kindness, loving, hard-working nature. Wish me well~

Hope to be back here often to learn and read more.
Namaste' susan
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By Saltwaterplay
Hi Richard, I am Susan - new here, trying to figure out how to work this forum - tried posting my own introduction but do'see' it so perhaps it didn't go through. Anyway, read your post and wanted to tell you I empathize with your frustrations being in a hearing world. I was the 'ears' for my husband for 25 years, we joked that I was blind and he was deaf so I drove and he listened for cops! I miss being the other half of a whole but in time, I am sure to find another, for now I have to drive & listen (bad humor, I know). Anyway welcome and hope to learn from you and everyone here.
Susan (getting ready to set out into the big World and hoping to become a good digital nomad)
richard57 wrote:Hi All,

My name is Richard a website developer, internet marketer traveller and father.

I am hearing impaired with almost 95% deafness very frustrating and although this is an obstacle in many cases, I still push on to make do in our hearing world.

I have been self-employed since 2006 and over the years have self-taught myself many things about the internet and how it all works.

I am always looking for new challenges and partners to work with and one of my biggest ball and chains is effective marketing.

Good meeting everyone
Hey Hey
My name is Tylyr, and yes that is how it is spelled so go ahead and it to you autocorrect. Me and my wife finally jumped off the edge and decided to do the vanlife; we are nearing the very last few days in our home and we are stoked!!!
No van has been lined up and that's ok, because who remembers the stories where everything went right the first time? Anyway DM me or add me whichever is the acceptable method!

Best of luck
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By angela.florez
Hi guys!!

My name is Angela, I'm 29 and I'm from the BEAUTIFUL country of Colombia (if you haven't been there, you have to go).

I have an online company. I am a Funnel Hacker!!! So basically what I do is that I help businesses create their sales strategy and automate it online. Back in December I convinced my husband to quit his job so we could travel full time. Now we travel the world doing housesitting (we stay for FREE wherever we go)

Here's some inspiration for those of you who are just starting....

I wasn't always in the online world... As many people, I was thought that going to school, then Uni and then getting a job, was the only way to live life.... So I became a mechanical engineer, with the hopes of working in renewable energies, but I ended up working in the oil and gas industry... it was HORRIBLE, even though I was making really good money, I was helping the big companies drill holes... too much for helping the world, right? And I hated to be in an office all day long, every day, I spent more time planning my next holidays, rather than working :lol:

One day, I was at a One Direction Concert (yes I LOVE One Direction and I'm not ashamed of it) and I met a girl from Chile. She told me that she had been in 1D Concerts in the UK, France, Japan, Australia, the list just kept growing... I was like WHAAAAAAT??? how the hell do you have the time to travel so much? and the money??? don't you have a JOB??
She said... I work online....


OMG!! how do you do it? I want to do the same!! I want to travel the world and be able to go when and wherever I want. How? How? HOOOOOOOW???

She explained that she's a freelancer, that she writes articles for newspapers, magazines, blogs, etc...

Just like that, my dream died... I SUCK at writing!! How can I, as a mechanical engineer, offer a service like that online? So, I went on with my boring life, went back from holidays to my boring, awful job.

Until everything changed!!!!

I got an email from Tinder telling me that if I paid $5 I could put my pin location anywhere in the world. I though, Oh well I have nothing to lose... I put my pin in London.. A week later I met this amazing guy, 3 months later I flew to London to meet him, we spent a week together and on the last day, he proposed marriage to me!! Of course I said yes!

I quit my job, left everything behind in Colombia and moved to London. Where I wasn't allowed to work for the first 6 months, until I got my residency. And I new that, that was my only shot to learn how to make money online!!!

I researched, I tried so many things, failed a couple of times... Until I found that one thing that I love doing and that I am really good at, Building funnels!!

Now that I have successfully created funnels for loads of clients, whom are now making tons of money online... I want to teach others how to become funnel hackers, just like me! I want to teach the 2015 me, how to make money online and how to travel the world full time!
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By dontgetserious
Hi Guys, I am Rohan Pandya, Founder of dontgetserious . On our blog we provide tips about travelling around the world on a limited budget.

I always wanted to be travel the world but never got a chance to. After starting my blog i'hv visited 6 countries and will explore more.

More power to all the digital nomads who are making a living out of Internet. As an inspiration to all digital nomads we have published 50 quotes that will inspire everyone to take up travelling. check it out here Travel Quotes

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By keltoid
Hi, I'm Kell -- I'm a web designer who recently lost their job after 10 years there. I've been doing web design for about 18 years. I'm used to working remotely on occasion and get so much more done.
I'm looking to up my skills in design and development - perhaps more multimedia and animation.

I hope to find a job working remotely, if at all possible. Thanks for providing this forum! Very inspiring!
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By Cara Cernak
My name is Cara and I live in the North Bay of San Francisco. My recent experience is remote people/project management for a tech start-up, where I unfortunately was laid off due to a strategic business decision. I have a Masters Degree in English Writing and experience in copy writing and editing, as well as people and project management. I have had much success working remotely in a flexible schedule that accommodates my life as a parent (my strong work ethic and deliverables have never suffered, and in fact thrive under this work schedule!). I am searching for any work that utilizes my skills.
Thank you!
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By PeterP
Hi to all DN,

My name is Peter, I am a 35 yo male from Australia. I have had a workplace accident resulting in an amputated right leg from the knee down in 2015. I receive a government annuity until i retire, and I'm looking at receiving some lump sum payments, all up i can live comfortably in Australia and most 1st world economies if i would like.

I have had a great amount of stress over the last few years, consequently, I'm very keen to see South America and Europe. In the meantime looking to establish an Algorithmic Trading business (personal) for travel. There are no time restraints, kids or partner.

I hope to learn a lot more and prepare myself in advance. I would like to say that I am ESPECIALLY interested in finding out about being a DISABLED digital Nomad :lol: !!! ...
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By hikinggearlab
Hi Peter,

Welcome to DN group. It is very sad to read your story. But by reading your lines, I feel you are really bold to face the life as it is. Definitely, your willpower and mental strength will bring you more success. All the best.
with regards
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By Steve Calvert
Hi Peter,

The trading idea sounds risky. I had to google it to find out what it was. I've never really read anything about disabled digital nomads. I doubt there are that many and that puts you in a unique position. Have you considered a travel blog? Because you will already have an income, you would be able to dedicate a lot more time to your blog than most other digital nomads and you would see and write about travel and nomad living from a different perspective. You'd become aware of how difficult it was to use public transport in certain areas and which places were particularly good options for people who have difficulty getting around, etc.

I was in Porto, Portugal a few weeks ago and when I saw all the steep hills I immediately thought of my wife (no longer together, but still friends) who is also disabled and has mobility issues. A destination like that would be no good for her at all. If done in the right way, I feel you could have a very successful blog that may help a lot of people. There must be many disabled people in the world that have to give special thought to where they head off to as a holiday destination and would feel inspired to read about your adventures.

Of course, whatever you do, it's important that it be something that you enjoy. Life is to short to waste time heading up the wrong streets.
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By jacquelinemoliner
Hi, I'm Jacqueline. I'm a graphic designer/illustrator/blogger who just got laid off from my job after working there for 8 years. As of right now, I'm currently looking for work and hope to find a job remotely within the graphic design field.

In the meanwhile, I've done a few projects for clients and I run an online sticker shop.
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