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Hei @xtjnrchris.
Thanks for sharing this info. It's an interesting device, I've been dreaming about the times when there will simply be an easy internet connection anywhere for a while!

(Thinking about it, maybe both positively and negatively... :? )

For my taste the actual daily costs of the device are still way too high, but I'm excited to see more of this coming around. :D

Anyone associating the name to Skynet? Haha. Misread it at least two times... :lol:
I probably should get a Skyroam - 4G is ok for most of my work and the flexibility of having your own device is great. 4G is often faster than free or even paid wifi. It's so disappointing that this has been technically possible for over a decade yet it's still so limited and expensive.

For now I'm mainly using a Huawei wifi and putting local sims with data in it. It's a lot cheaper to run but a real hassle to keep on top of the different plans, your credit etc. Start again every time you change countries...

Meanwhile, our Australian telcos are finally offering more reasonable roaming options, eg for USD8/day you get unlimited calls and SMS (send and receive) + 100MB 4G data, with ok data top-ups. Nice part is you keep your usual number.
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