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Driving across the country in a camper van whilst also being a digital nomad? Here's the place to learn how to and discuss the lifestyle! Moderated by Armando Costantino & Melony Candea, co-founders of Westfalia Digital Nomads, a lifestyle blog dedicated to #vanlife while being a digital nomad. They've been on the road 4+ years!
Hi Jamal, it depends what kind of travelling style van you want. We were super lucky with ours, as the T4 Westfalia comes with fridge/stove & sink/fold out bed. We did add a solar panel and converter that has been priceless. We've also rigged and been creative with storage (Armando's camera slider hangs from the ceiling). We're planning on adding another panel, along with a higher hard top for more space (we rarely use the pop-top) this year. We have a lot of friends and contacts that have done modifications from almost none to an entire overhaul. What type of van are you thinking of?
So does the solar panel setup kinda work like this:

Solar Panel > 12V Deep Cycle Car Battery > Converter To Regular Plug For Laptops Etc.

At this point I'm not too sure what van I would be interested in. I was more wondering if I could buy one and go! Which it sounds like I could, but I think it would be a ton a fun to make some custom modifications myself.
In order to use the solar panel you need a regulator (or controller, a small machine that actually regulate the power of the panel and regulate to 12V in order to give it back to the leisure batteries). We have an inverter (300W) but we don't use it for computers. From the regulator we have a 3rd slot where you can have a cable with cigarettes lighter plug and there to plug a transformator for the computer. Here you can see better our system: http://westfaliadigitalnomads.com/short ... el-system/
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