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By RitwikaGupta
Hey guys! I am new on this forum but not new to traveling. I am born & brought up in Singapore but I’ve been living in Mumbai for the last 3 years. I’ve been here & there exploring India, discovering my roots. Being a Bengali, I’ve been to Kolkata a number of times. But very recently, I had the chance to go to Darjeeling with my family for our annual winter vacation and I decided to vlog on the trip. This happens to be my second travel vlog. I’ve summed up my 3 day Darjeeling experience in this 20+ minute video. Hope this is helpful to all those visiting Darjeeling and Kalimpong. – Do watch & share your feedback with me!


Here are the list of places that I went to (in order of appearance)

1. Mall Road / Chowrasta
2. Toy Train to Ghum
3. Lebong Tea Garden
4. Darjeeling Ropeway
5. Keventers and Glenary’s
6. St Pauls’ & Japanese Peace Pagoda
7. Peshok Viewpoint & Peshok Tea Garden
8. Kalimpong Market
9. Delo Garden
10. Sakya Monastery

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By martin-martin
Hei Ritwika!

I took a peek and skipped through your video! Those are some beautiful views : )

I personally find it super-funny that every somewhat touristic place around the world seems to have a toy train! :lol: (but this one is even a real one, so that's a change ; )

Sounds like you had a sweet trip! :D
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