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Howdy. Here are 11 ways to find work as a programmer while you're living the loca digital nomad lifestyle!

  1. Making a popular app for a hot space: people will find you
  2. Hit up your ex-coworkers on LinkedIn
  3. Hang out in IRC on Freenode in the programming channels you specialize in
  4. Ask previous clients for referrals
  5. Post in the Kijiji or Craigslist market where you are currently staying
  6. Find the Hacker News Seeking Freelancer? thread posted on the first of each month
  7. Start a blog related to tech you're expert in and post tutorials. In the footer, put an ad for your consulting business!
  8. Do an open source project. Put an ad for your consulting business in your website (linked on GitHub) and in the README!
  9. Hang out on Reddit and StackOverflow and answer questions that people post in the reddits or topics particular to your areas of expertise. Every so often, mention that you do consulting
  10. Gun.io, WeWorkRemotely and Toptal
  11. Go to the local Meetup.com meetup where you're staying

I wrote a book that goes into all this in great depth. Details in sig.

Reply if you have any questions.
Freelancer.com and Upwork are certainly valid channels for finding freelance jobs. If you have great communication and social skills, you can make more money by going through better channels (such as Code For Cash). I have a ton of freelance dev jobs available for people who are not only technically competent but also great communicators.
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