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By Pierrine
Hey guys,

As a part-time remote worker myself, I found this forum to be really interesting, with many useful tips ('great remote worker gear' YES please!) I am currently working for NOMAD SPACE, a coworking space agregator, and I thought it might be a useful tool for you. Basically, we pick up great spaces and list them on our platform - in a few clicks you can search and book the workspace you need. We're a very young startup so we're just in London right now, but will hopefully go global soon!

Head over to our website and have a look.

If you need any help or if you have any feedback to give us, don't hesitate to contact us at support@nomadspace.com :)

Happy travels!
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By Pierrine
Hello Robert,

Good question! The spaces listed on NOMAD are commercial workspaces, with flexible leases. This means that we both cater for short term and long term solutions, whether a hotdesk for a day, a dedicated desk where you can leave some belongings, or a private office for a couple of months. It's the user's decision! We believe (and witnessed!) that the benefits of coworking is the networking opportunities and the community feeling, which can often help your business to go to the next level.

With this in mind, we also developed a platform entirely dedicated to our users - Nomadism - with exclusive perks, some tips & how to's, and where we intent to understand the shift we're experiencing now in the ways we work. By the way, we're always looking for contributors and new interesting stories to tell! So don't hesitate to contact us at nomadism@nomadspace.com.

I hope this answer your question. If you want any more info, just drop me a line :)
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