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By luchux
Hi friends.
We wan't to share one of the best places we have found in Patagonia. Specifically is located in El Bolsón, in the andean mountains of Argentina, where forests, rivers, mountains, and hippies are all around.

There is an incredible atmosphere, that remind us to Ubud, or Byron Bay in this place.

There is a co-working, co-living hostel for digital nomads called Aiken Lab, http://aikenlab.com in this town.
This place is full equipped, and very active in workshops, talks, and projects from local people, and from travellers.

Projects like music composition, programming, organic farming, tech for veggie gardens, robotics, designers, crazy things all around!

Recommended to have a look.

We're going to be headed to Patagonia in March 2017 so will definitely look into this!
Hopefully I'm right in thinking that the prices are actually in Argentine Pesos... $400 per night would work out to be approx $25 USD or £20 GBP per night.
Haha! Oh wow! : D

Yeah, I believe this is probably a misunderstanding - since the Argentinian Peso has the same symbol ($) as the US Dollar: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Argentine_peso

Seems that wikipedia hasn't updated the exchange rate, mentioning it to be around 13 Peso = 1 USD (which would then be more like USD 30), but I think that @hostnomad is right with USD 25 for a private room (courtesy of google https://www.google.at/webhp?sourceid=ch ... 20to%20usd).

Anyways. Yeah. That's much more reasonable ; )
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