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By Roman Augusciuk
I thought I must share my experiences about my trip to Central Asian country, Uzbekistan that made me think about this area 180 c different from what i thought about this country before my departuere there. If being honest I was afraid to choose this area for my vocation, but i did it and it was great trip. A very hospitable uzbek people, great national meals - i can not forget about Plov and Lagmon mostly, tasted so nice. A very safe country, you can walk alone in the streets all night without any problem that first I thought would be unsafe.
I visited Khiva, Bukhara and Samarkand that is known as aPearl of the East. Amazing, even its difficult to express about the beautiful sights, historical and well kept buildings dating back XVII-XIX centuries.
I highly recommend this destionation for the people who like deliciouse meals, beatiful historical sightseeng, sociable local people to talk, and see nomadic way of people's life style in the villages on the mountains with a paradise like view, nights in national yurt camps in the desert with camel ridings like an old Caravans on the Silk Road)))) facinating)).
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Khiva , Ichan Kala fortress - the museum city
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By Roman Augusciuk
Hi Jamal, yes I had free wi fi at every hotel I stayed in each city. As well the company I booked a tour, gave me a local sim card with internet on my arrival in Tashkent but of course there is no 4G )). But in the village the connection was very law. But the trip was full of nice events with jolly and hospitable local people and sightseengs))
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