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The lifestyles of Digital Nomads vary greatly, depending on finances, family status, location of travel, interests, philosophies (and so on…). At Digital Nomads Forum, we Admins have had a certain set of experiences that may be totally different from other Digital Nomads. Here are some of the most common Digital Nomad Lifestyles that we’ve come across:

1. Backpacker Nomad Lifestyle

This Nomad has always dreamed of traveling the world and has just left their desk job to do it! They likely have a backpack and hop around hostels and guesthouses, while chilling in co-working spaces and seeing the sights. The Backpacker Nomad is generally drawn to cheaper locations like South East Asia where their dollar will stretch further. Some spend a few weeks in one location, and other try to settle in for a few months.

2. Nomadic Family Lifestyle

The Nomadic Family has a few kids and travels around the world with them in tow. Nomadic Families are drawn to adventure and generally travel a bit slower than single nomads. A lot of the time, their money can stretch further in the locations they go to and they live very comfortably by renting family houses and having everyday family meals. Check out some cool nomadic families here while you’re at it http://thenomadicfamily.com/2012/03/how ... ld-travel/

3. Established/Baller Nomad Lifestyle

This Nomad has likely been at it for a few years, or maybe her company was just acquired by Google and she’s now onto her next project. You might not find this Nomad in hostels and low budget accommodations, but wherever she is she definitely has a pool and some seriously influential friends.

4. The "Expat" Nomad

The “Expat” Digital Nomad likes to travel slow. Often staying in places for 6 months (or even longer), they have the benefit of finding longer-term accommodations (often at cheaper prices) and truly living like a local… or an expat local at least! This is a great way to meet friends and really lay down roots, while working out of co-working spaces and getting to explore every nook and cranny of a city.

What’s your Digital Nomad lifestyle like?
I'm doing the backpacker digital nomad thing. Traveling with a 35L carry-on is quite-light but it forced me to only take what I need. Generally I'll stay at a location for a few weeks and hit up some co-working spaces, hostels, tourist sites, and I'll work every other day. I'm going to move towards doing a week of intense work and then being totally disconnected :)
Personally I'm closest to #1. I feel likes this style of digital nomading allows me to explore the world as much as possible and for less money! The major trade off is comfort and stress. Bouncing from hostel to hostel and backpacking is not as glamorous as it seems. It's filled with stressful and uncomfortable situations. But! Is it worth it? The answer is absolutely a resounding YES! For me the negatives are truly outweighed by the amazing positive that is the experiences that travelling as a backpacker provides. I know I will never look back and regret it, I feel that these will be some of the best years of my life :)
Hm... I guess I bounce around.
I did and do dream of exploring the world : )
but there's also some understanding about the fact that life is very similar in many places. Sure, there are those differences that make me go "whoa!" for a moment because it suddenly opens up an additional piece of understanding about why things maybe are the way they are (and make sense).
But in the end, it's all very similar in the essential things.
That's also a nice thing!
I believe that it takes a bit of stress off me. I can understand how things are here and there. And there is still lots to learn, because there always is, and that's super-exciting : D
But, say, hostels are very similar everywhere.

I agree with Robert's mention that this moving around is not always all that exciting. It's a lot of mundane efforts. Such as finding accommodation sometimes.
I lived outside for a while, and now find it a lot easier to find a sleeping spot than to find a hostel : )
But there are other problems associated with this, and a basic stress of not having a safe spot is something that also gnaws on your constitution.

Well, what I'm trying to say here is only that there are many sweet aspects to living traveling, but there are also many that are annoying and exhausting.
Which are which depends on the way one travels.
Some can probably be buffered with spending more money, but it's always a trade-off and while money might buy off some inconveniences, it also makes some experiences much less likely.

Okay, so what type of lifestyle do I have? : )
I think it's a pretty jumbled up mix of 1 and 4, spending sometimes a few days or a week in a place, and sometimes a few months without moving around much at all.
But that's just how it's now, maybe I'll make it big and then I can subtract the latter from the first, and fly business class from loft to loft ; )
(haha, I would never do that! So many better ways to (not) spend the money!)
Hey guys.
Around 4 years ago I decided to find ways on how I can make money online. Since then my life changed 180°. I`m sure most of you have experienced the same. About 4 months ago I decided to move to the beautiful island of Bali to to live my life here as a digital nomad.
I make this comment for all the people that are on bali as well, so please message me if you live here. Maybe we can go for a juice one day :)
For all that are thinking about moving to Bali…DO IT! It`s the best place to live as a digital nomad.
Hi manuel! I am just leaving Bali now but stayed here for a month and had a great time! It was an amazing place for digital nomads. Where do you like to stay in Bali? Next time I am back I will have to message you to grab a juice :D
My style of nomadic living is with an RV. I have lived out of my truck before and loved it but now I am more inclined to want a few more conveniences. I have a Verizon JetPack that gives me internet wherever I want to go and my dog, Vishnu, travels with me. We are discovering the people, dogparks and waterways of America as a digital nomad and an affiliate for Six Figure Mentors.
I alternate between #1 (backpacker) and #4 (semi-expat). I work 20 hours per week for a customer in New Zealand and do whatever the rest of the time. It's a great life.

During my expat phase I put rooms on Airbnb to help pay the rent so I can live in a nice house or save a little money. It works well. :D
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