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By vagabundia
Hello, all! I'm David - 28, native of Connecticut (US), former Spanish teacher and Peace Corps Volunteer in West Africa. I recently secured a job with a non-profit that allows me to work remotely, so I'm hoping to take advantage of that toward the end of this year by hopping on a flight to South America and spending the better part of a year exploring while working. I'm waiting to sell my current house and purchase an investment property for passive income while traveling before actually taking the jump; hopefully, this will happen mid-Autumn.

My plan is to work my way around South America, going to a new city every week or so - I'll be relegated to working mostly 9-5 Monday through Friday, so spending my weeknights exploring as well as the weekend and getting to somewhere new by Sunday every week. I'm currently trying to figure out the logistics of what I'll be doing - I'll be using a phone a lot for my job for calls, so looking into different hotspot/local service options, contemplating if I can pack all my junk into a carryon-sized backpack, and most importantly, budget. Reflecting a lot on whether I'd be happier renting out entire apartments and working out of them, or getting a shared room for more interaction but then either visiting a co-working space, cafe, library, etc. during the week for work. Would love to hear from people who have tried both of these out. I'm a US native, but acquired Portuguese citizenship when I was a teen, so hopefully the travel/visa procedure will be straightforward.
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By rivervibesteve
Hello, I'm Steve. Live in Idaho and on the verge of possibly getting another full time perm job here.. but I don't know, I really want to travel, so holding off from talking to tech recruiters here.

. Love ReactJs programming and will be soon be learning nodejs possibly. I'd love to be able to travel, while coding, but not sure if it's feasible to work the long hours a software developer sometimes needs to work, and at the same be able to enjoy the countries I visit.
So here to get some feedback, and see who 's doing what.
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By tigereye042
Hi I'm William. I'm 27. Two college degrees. A bachelor's and a associate degree both in general studies. From new England. Tried travel already and was unaware of pills to take and had a very rough plane ride.
I major in communication in school specialized in audio. I've been interviewed but haven't got a job. In school I couldn't do a internship because of my academic program. I have applied but no job.
To be honest I'm skeptical on the digital nomad thing but. I'm willing to try. Interests media, Audio, sound, sound engineering sound recording sound editing. Research history antiques hiking exploring.
I want to travel again. I want to see all 50 states, go to where my ancestors are from being Scotland, and Austria/Germany. I want to see the Scandinavian countries, see Japan and end up in Australia. I can't afford a lot right now.
I do have a job. I'm lucky if I get a 4 hour shift once a month. I started there in 2011 working up to 24 hr weeks. Then a manager there threaten my life multiple times. I waited to he left because I didn't want to tell someone when I still see him. Found out to late to complain. Guess have to tell someone when person still sees you. That won't lead to negative at all. Anyways I went from those weeks and able to do things my own to now thanks to procedures I never learn I go from a couch lifting myself to I have a hard time standing or even lifting 10lbs now and I don't know what to do.
Sorry about the length.
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By nadya.siapin

I'm Nadya. I'm an American/Australian who's currently living in Australia.

I'm also an aspiring digital nomad. Currently I work as an internet cabler, but let's face it, it's soul-crushing. I really want to be able to travel. Everywhere. I've travelled for a few months, but the aim right now is to travel full-time for at least a year.

I've got a blog I'm working on (just for fun and practice!) but I'd really like to get into freelance writing and copy editing. If there's one thing I'm good at, it's reading :D

Anyway, I'm really glad I've found this forum, looks way better than the other ones I've been on.
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By Tashu
Hi! I'm Tashu and I'm 54. I'm an IT entrepreneur and have almost 3 decades of global experience in the IT industry. I build and launch Tech Startups through my London based company, CyberMust Ventures Ltd. I currently live in Pune (India) where I have my technical team.

I'm fascinated by the social and economic changes that the rapid technological growth has brought forth globally in the last 30 years. Digital Nomad lifestyle, remote working, share economy, gig economy etc are some of the direct result of the phenomenal growth in the information technology. This is beginning of a new era!
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By AndrewMcMaster
My name is Andrew, I am 33 from the United Kingdom. I have many years professional employed experience in online marketing, social media, email marketing, publication editing etc. Now that I have all this knowledge it is time for me to find a more modern way of generating an income that can free me up to pursue other interests.

I have always wanted to explore the World, meet new people and live life to the fullest. The time is now. Looking forward to getting to know more of you.
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By Tereson Dupuy
Hi There - so glad I found this place. My name is Tereson and I am 22 months shy of selling all of my stuff, giving it to my daughter and hitting the road in my vintage trailer.

Being free and finding adventure is of paramount importance in my life. I have spent the last 23 raising children...now it is time for me to fly the nest :-)

Spending the next 18 months launching a new company that I can run on the road and learning tips and tricks to best prepare me.
By WGroleau
Retired software engineer who liked the job but realized too late that he would have liked being a language teacher better. Quit the job, sold the house, and hit the road. Set out to be fully nomadic—three months to a year to learn a language and explore an area and its history/culture, then move on.

Plans since modified to being about half-time on the Camino De Santiago (where the world comes to me), and the other half wandering. Trying to figure out a legal way to make some of that other half be other parts of Europe.
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By PreciousForcados
I am Precious from Nigeria and I have been looking for opportunities for Digital Nomad-ing in Customer Service support especially as an academic advisor. I am currently an MBA candidate and wouldnt mind any other suitable opportunities.
I joined this forum to understand the steps I need to undertake to land a remote working opportunity.
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By tee.wrecks
Hello! My name is Tim and I'm from Ontario Canada. I teach English online and I'm new to the digital nomad lifestyle. I am looking to make some friends possibly a mentor. I want to take my career to the next level so i can be completely independent. I have spent most of my Adult life as a Manager, Trainer and Employee performace coach. I have manage many projects and campaigns.
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By Sean Bahr
Hey All! I"m Sean and I'm 41. For the last 17 years I've dedicated my self to my daughter, but now she's ready to graduate and go to college and I'm ready to ROAM!! :P I've been working as a graphic/website designer for the past 15 years so I definitely have the experience to make this work, I just need to make the shift to the nomadic lifestyle. I also enjoy illustration, animation, filming and editing video as well as doing voice-over work.

The things I'm most interested in learning about are where to find the best resources (jobs, images, sounds) and tips for money management (internet options, taxes, budgeting)

Glad to be here! Thanks for creating such a great community!
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By kaus.sharma
Hi everyone!
I am Kaus and I'm from India. For the last 5 years, I have worked full-time as a copywriter, journalist, content writer with various advertising agencies and newspaper. But in 2018, I decided, this is it. I have travelled in my country and abroad as well. But after a week of backpacking in Sri Lanka, travelling full-time started resonating more and more. I kept researching and that landed me here. Now, I am just trying to find more remote jobs and while I do that I'm trying to start my own Social Media Services company since I have expertise in that area which will help me fund my travels in future. Quitting the job is the best decision so far as I can feel the change in my life and mindset. I've started sketching every day, opened my art account, opened my Youtube channel, became the topper in French leaderboard on Duolingo. I can feel that creative kick.
How about you guys?
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