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Looking for the best laptop, headphones, backpack (and other digital nomad staples) that will stand the test of time? This is the place to find it!
I am using Northface. Very pleased with it but would like to hear any recommendations for the best backpacks, lightweight, durable and spacious enough for us digital nomads. What are you using now? Thanks in advance!
I use an Osprey, but after talking with some long term nomads I have changed my mind and will be switching before my next trip.
Don't get me wrong I love my Osprey, but I've found that mine doesn't have the pockets I need to stay organized and is more suited to hiking / a lot of walking. I guess I'm a lazy backpacker ;) when I'm doing a lot of walking it's not with all my luggage.

Allow me to introduce you to https://www.tombihn.com/collections/travel-bags. My friends who have been DN-ing for 7 years are now solely using this brand after trying a lot.
Actually, I've been browsing through Osprey's travel backpacks and good thing I've read your recommendation! I am a lazy backpacker too so it looks like Tom Bihn's just what I'm looking for. Thanks for sharing their lovely collection MayaNik! :)
Being a digital nomad, a best backpack is must as every traveler. Primarily, it's not possible to write about a best backpack without initially experiencing it. Always, the backpack needs to be comfortable to just wear and walk. Osprey has got variety of good backpacks. I think osprey exos 58 and osprey atmos 65 are best suitable backpacks for long haul. They have got very super gear organization. :) :)
Together with the Digital Nomad Experience (DNX) we developed the ultimate backpack for digital nomads and business travellers: the Digital Nomad 35. It has already proved itself extremely successful in the German-speaking market: http://www.outdoorer.net/produkte/rucks ... e-nomaden/

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