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By shan

I'm Raj, 27, Working as a Digital Marketer, Sports Enthusiastic, Fun Loving, Hungry person to learn new things everyday, My objective is to spread love and Happiness to the world.
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By camila.bousquet
Hi, I'm Camila, from Ottawa, Canada. I've loved travelling since I was little and believe that everyone should be given a fair shot at working online from where they want to be. I'm passionate about helping communities, in particular students and entrepreneurial minds.
I recently decided to work at GenM, which offers experience for people who are looking to learn and attain experience as a digital marketer, which is one of the hottest jobs for digital nomads. We're looking to grow and help as many people get the experience they need to build their credibility in the industry and make great connections with business owners!
My goal is to skip out on cold Canadian winters :shock: and work online!
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