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By Daria
My name is Daria, 22 years old and I'm from Ukraine!

I just found out about people, who call theirself digital nomads few months ago during I lived on wonderful island - Bali. I love my work - past 4 years I am graphic web designer. Art always was my passion from childhood, I'm always falling in love in what I do, so I started draw and study over 10 years ago and then, I desided become web and graphic design to be able work and fall in love in my projects from anywhere. Also I work with my partner developer on our own project and hopefully we will finish soon, our goal is make internet better, perfect as it is possible from all sides! So Im so happy that I started traveling and meet people around world with common goals and interests. And I like it!

Some my hobbies: dance(mostly latin), calligraphy and lettering, snowboards and bikes

Nice to meet you all, and I hope to find friends here. So here I am!
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By redstanggt011
Hello everyone, new blood here. My name is Micah and I'm 30 years old. Being unbound by where I live and being able to make a decent living while traveling was and still is a lifelong dream of mine. Long story short, I'm currently living in Japan and I've been teaching English here for close to 4 years now. As there is little opportunity for advancement, plus with the language gap making opportunities here very difficult and competitive to obtain, I've been trying to look into other sources of making income online besides just teaching English.

I've tried looking into many options, such as working as a technical trainer and working in QA testing, but when I tried calling companies in America about these positions, I get the responses that my timezone is difficult to work with, plus for someone going new into the field, they prefer training someone in person rather than being online. Techincal trainer positions seem to be hard to find too. And I don't exactly want to do online teaching, considering I've already started getting tired of it. My contract is finishing up next year at the end of February and I have to decide soon what I plan to do after that..I was hoping that this site could give me ideas on how to make a living on my own without having to teach English. If you need to, I can upload my resume and linkedin here, so you guys can help give me more suggestions on what to do.

Anyways, please feel free to help give me more ideas of what I can do to earn money as a digital nomad. I have a double bachelors in International Business and Finance and can also provide my resume or linkedin here if necessary.
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By limavictor

My name is Ryan, 33 years old living in Texas as a helicopter pilot with my wife, 16 month old boy and 3 dogs. While full time nomad isn't really in the cards for us right now, we are looking to start taking more advantage of my week on/week off schedule and spend more time on the road during my off weeks.

We have rented an RV for two separate trips recently and have caught the bug for time on the road. Decided to join the forum to join the community and hopefully pick up some advice for future trips we are looking to take.

That's pretty much all for now,

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By Dimpesh
Hi everyone, I'm Dimpesh, 24. Currently working with a travel startup where travelers from across the globe can come together share inspiring stories. I handle the Marketing and Strategy for this company.
After working for more than 1.8 years, I feel that the work will never end and I won't be able travel EVER.
I love traveling and making YouTube videos, but workload just doesn't allow me that to the extent that I want, I have no international stamps in my Passport yet. I wish if there's way I can change that.

Anyways, Thanks for listening and I would really appreciate any suggestions.
Dimpesh :)
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By Luke Middleton
Hi there everyone I am Luke I am 25 years young and I am finally looking to do EVERYTHING i can in my power to make the Traveler dream a reality , I am interested in the VAN LIFE lifestyle as my no1 aim in life is to have as much freedom as possible :) eventually looking to travel the world full time after doing 1 more year visa in australia on working holiday visa , currently living in england gaining my qualifications and experience in football coaching/ youth work / support work and teaching english whilst saving money for my full time travel lifestyle , Whilst I am living in the UK working full time and saving travel funds I am considering buying a VW Caddy Van and converting it into a campervan in which I can live in full time whilst keeping most of my clothes and possesions at my parents houses , Do you think its possible to work as a residential support worker whilst living in a van full time ? I will be eventually looking to travel around europe in my campervan eventually in the summer like spain portugual etc , I am single and will be living solo but hopefully at some point in future the right partner will join me full time ha ! what do people think ? is it achievable to live the full time Van life whilst working a full time job ? I may actually buy my own small house soon to just rent out as an investment in the long term but will still be looking ideally to live in the Van part time / full time whilst travelling the world / living in UK and Europe :) feel free to inbox me on fbook for any advice of van life , thanks for your time Luke Middleton :)
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By taryn.emilee
Hi guys! I'm Taryn! I'm 22, living in Texas, and my boyfriend and I are finally working and saving for a van that we hope to call home for the next few years! We're still in a research phase but we're learning fast. We are obsessed with camping and outdoor everything, and I'm finally learning to hike (not awesome balance wise yet). I've always wanted to be a nomad and hope to teach around the world one day, but the idea finally got a jump after we took a trip to the redwoods where he went to college and I met a few. It was an awesome and eye opening experience. This already seems like a great community to be a part of and I'm excited to see what else I can learn while in the early stages of transitioning into this life!
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By joe.parker
Hello everyone,

My name is Joe, I'm 45 years old. I am an American & I am married to a Thai national who is an expert jeweler in Bangkok Thailand. I am a self taught graphic & web designer and have been working part time as a freelancer for a couple of years primarily as a web designers for friends and so forth. I completely enjoy my graphic & web design hobbies and am extremely interested in becoming a full time freelance digital entrepreneur, but it has been a real struggle to get things going as I am new to the digital marketing world. I joined this forum to network and learn from others with more experience than I have. I am planning on moving to Thailand in February 2018 and would really like to connect with other digital nomads. Thanks for reading my introduction. Peace


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By tarkan.Çorak
Hi, my name is Tarkan, 45 years old, from Germany, Freelancer (Full stack JavaScript developer) and I'm about to do the final step to become a digital nomad. My camping van will be delivered in April/May 2018 and I'm looking forward to travel and work in my new van.
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By msunarto
Hello, I am Milka, I live in Austria. Being a digital nomad has been in my mind for around 4 years. Now , I am still working 30 hours a week and would like to have a home office. (plus- to be able to always attend Kindergarten activities of my daughter)
I am thinking to work online, for companies on the other side of the world. Maybe around 12 hours different. Perhaps, I can fill in customer service job (or others) that required 24/7 service., while in the company's time zone is off hours.
Any advice of which company or which websites to search for is welcome. Thanks.
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By JC Daniels

My name is JC. I'm really new to this whole digital nomad idea and am really starting to get hooked. Just coming on here to check out what it's really like for all the nomads out there. Looking forward to meeting/talking to some of you guys/gals.

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By rosette.dekool
My name is Rosette completely new to this Digital Nomads forum but very ready to learn and get started.

I am a travel Consultant/tour operator and Double as a Safari female Driver guide based in Kampala Uganda.

I currently arrange safari bookings for Gorilla tracking and wildlife game drives as well as Cultural and birding excursions.

If anyone needs advise on trips to Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania and Rwanada I will be excited to share and give you tips. However, I am very much interested in interested in Digital Nomads and I am quite sure the future is bright.So I choose to go digital and ;) :) i don't wanna be left behind

Hi, digital friends!
My name is Alex I am from Bulgaria but now I travel full time with my boyfriend and our current location is Vietnam!
We have been to some amazing places in Asia, one of my favorites was Tibet! Anyways I want to share what I do, well I love filming and telling stories, so this opportunity to travel was a dream come true! I'm looking for a job and I hope to find here like-minded people to work with!
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By EastCoastUSA
55 divorced male living on east coast USA. Grew bored 2016 and retired. After watching many nomad video's thought i would make a weak attempt at some short term nomad experiences. Have built out a van for what started as some weekend getaways. Now grown into some 7-10 day getaways. I don't think it ill become a way of life for me but I sure do enjoy the aimless meandering. I found this channel in my search for other east coast wanderers.
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By justgotodo
Hi, I am Sharif Ahmed, 46, living in Dhaka Bangladesh. I was in Botswana, a South African country for 10 years. I was dealing there with electronics and furniture business. Now I am interested to do biz online. I prefer affiliation on Amazon. Working with SEO.
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