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Driving across the country in a camper van whilst also being a digital nomad? Here's the place to learn how to and discuss the lifestyle! Moderated by Armando Costantino & Melony Candea, co-founders of Westfalia Digital Nomads, a lifestyle blog dedicated to #vanlife while being a digital nomad. They've been on the road 4+ years!
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By maxkejser
Now im selling literally all my posessions (appartment furniture etc)

BUT! the journey starts by shipping our car to the states US from Europa Denmark and then traveling all over the world... but! how will it work ? is it possible to drive a car around in the states anyone know of a blog of people who have done the same ?

Thanks! :)
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By Armando Costantino
Hi Max, yes it's possible to ship the van in Canada or US but under certain rules. First is about the VISA for US. For European the most common is the ESTA but you need to give a lot (I mean a lot) of documents in order to prove (even before stepping in US) that you'll be out after 3 months. We have a friend and his family that are currently travel in US right now (check on FB or web site http://camperiamo.com/.
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