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By CynthiaLin
Hi guys, when you are traveling around Europe, how do you stay connected from places to places? I know that with the one Europe plan, it's easier for Europeans to stay connected in different countries but what about for non-europeans? I tried SIM cards before but these days been hearing this term "pocket wifi" a lot so was wondering if any of you have any experience using it? Is it better than SIM cards, the price, other pros and cons or suggested companies? I'd be appreciate with all info provided by you. Thanks a lot! :)
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By DianaSmith
I have tried both before. Pocket Wifi is way better than SIMS. With the SIMS, you need to have an unlocked phone, and even if is un unlocked, when you insert it there is always a hassle because you can lose your contacts, and need to synchronize your accounts... I prefer to rent a pocket wifi. I can connect my laptop and my phone to a High-Speed internet. It's really convenient and cheap. Last time, I paid around $1 USD per day. This is the website if you wanna check it out: https://www.ivideo.com.tw/english/
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