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I can't work on my MacBook Pro for a longer period without hurting my fingers, wrists and neck.

Therefore, I am looking for a portable (light-weight and small) laptop stand, a keyboard, a trackball and a keyboard rest pad.
It doesn't need to be wireless. I prefer not to have batteries with it but a USB cable. And of course, it shouldn't fall apart after a few months of travelling.

In the office I used to have an Apple Keyboard (USB wired),

http://store.storeimages.cdn-apple.com/ ... &.v=SEKkz2

the Logitech Trackball,
https://assets.logitech.com/assets/5534 ... allery.png

keybooard rest pad similar to this one
http://smhttp.56624.nexcesscdn.net/8039 ... ay-fef.jpg

and a very heavy laptop & monitor stand.

But that doesn't come very handy when you're travelling.

What are you using to make your hands and neck hurt less? What can you recommend? :?:

Thanks in advance,
Hey Nina,

One of the more popular pieces of digital nomad ergonomic gear is the Rooster laptop stand: https://www.therooststand.com/

I've seen it in person and it's pretty solid. Personally I just make sure I have a good desk and chair and minimize the number of hours I work per week! LOL

rooster laptop stand.png
rooster laptop stand.png (435.72 KiB) Viewed 4008 times
I found a similar laptop stand from Hizek on the German amazon, it seems to be slightly more heavy, though:
https://images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com ... L1001_.jpg

I found out that the Apple Magic Keyboard comes with a cable and without batteries, but also supports bluetooth.

I am still not sure weather to take my logitech trackball with me.. (and the mouse rest pad that I have for it). I found a keyboard rest pad which is quite short but a bit too soft for me.
My best find that mixes comfort and small size
- I got rid of my 3 lbs laptop.
- Buy a Microsoft surface pro tablet. 2lbs
- Buy a iClever Wireless Folding Keyboard. 0.3 lbs.
- Keep your Logitech trackball! There's a bluetooth one nowadays, but it's a little heavy.

With this set up you can put the tablet on a box (or something...) so its at head level, and then put the keyboard on the desk/ kitchen table.
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