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I'm sure most everything can be found anywhere, thus far in my travels I've never struggled to find items I need. That said I haven't been far off the beaten path and am curious what things are essential to stock up on before leaving home. Meds, toiletries, certain types of clothing, etc? Let me know, the floor is yours!
High quality clothing at the best price can definitely be better to stock up on before leaving. My favourite toothpaste can only be found easily in India though for example lol. Anything hyper specific really can be challenging to find. Just imagine if you can't use amazon or other online stores, would local stores have exactly what you need?
Interesting, I imagined getting a core wardrobe to handle the different climates...I've seen some things are higher than in the states. I rem a pair of Nike's in Paris were about double what they would have been in the US! Interesting comment on the toothpaste, I'm not too picky about that but it will be fun to find those types of everyday items around the world that strike you as a favorite. Hard to imagine life without Amazon ;) ! What about cell phone? I have seen prepaid plans and also basic plans with limited minutes. Something Global as I could really be anywhere. Not a lot of calls to make but always good to have that as a resource I think.
For the cell phone I've learnt to get everything done with occasionally access to WIFI. You can use FB messenger and whatsapp to call friends, Skype & Google Hangouts to call numbers and having no data forces you to really focus on living in the moment rather than living on your phone. The only downside is the loss of emergency communication access...but people survived without cellphones for a long time haha!
Google Fi doubles as a global cell phone and a wifi hotspot. Irreplaceable.

For clothes I have my basic: thin socks, travel underwear, 1 tshirt, 1 jeans, shorts that slyly double as shorts and swimwear.
For jacket, sweaters, and anything i find its best not to carry. I buy it when I am in a region that requires special clothes then leave it when I leave. This allows me to pack light, dress like a local, and buy the cheap clothes that are available in the 3rd world. Anything you need you probably don't.
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