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By Gil

i'm looking for a good portable 3G omnidirectional anthena, to connect to my dongle's crc9 connector.
many commercial misleading information about the subject.
anyone tried and can share their experience? is it worth buying at all?

thank you and good luck with the new forum
Hey Gil,

I reached out to my buddy and will keep you posted. I also googled fairly extensively into the subject. Like yourself I struggled to find any meaningful information. While searching I did certainly find multiple crc9 antenna's that can be purchased for $20 ish CAD roughly +- $10. In the past I know that from working with wifi router antenna's and such, that an external antenna can make a huge difference. Finding the "best" one might be a challenge with the information currently available online. But! What I would do personally is purchase one that looks decent from a store that offers full refunds/returns. It seems pretty likely in my mind that any external antenna will help to boost your signal especially if your modem is currently just using an internal antenna.

I will reply again if my buddy can provide any additional info. :) Hopefully this was somewhat helpful and I will have more info.
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By Gil
i've actually tried to add an external antenna once, it was a quite cheap i bought, thinking that any antenna will at least improve the signal a bit. but surprisingly it even made it slightly worse even when placing it on a high spot and finding its optimal angle.
just wondering if there are any good ones in the market.
unfortunately i can't easily order and return things from the internet because of travelling and not having a permanent address.

thank you so much for the effort Robert!
if anyone else reading this a know something, please don't be lazy and post a messaage, it can helpful for many ;)

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