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By chad.root
I'm looking into purchasing a new camera to take with me when I travel. It should be fairly lightweight/compact - I do a lot of country hopping and don't like to bring luggage with me :D

I'd like to hear what you use for your photography needs. I'm looking forward to hearing what you recommend!
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By Kim Ly
Hi Chad,

I recently saw a video on YouTube where it talks about consumer cameras : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AGp3JXKtHBM. It might help you to have a better idea of specifications for your new camera. It's an important long term investment!

I've been eyeing on Sony's mirrorless cameras. They are super lightweight. If you are an avid photographer and you are looking for high quality photos, Sony's mirrorless cameras have excellent dynamic range for editing photos. Plus, they have Wi-Fi to share photos. We are in an era where people post their photos right away on social media, especially when we travel. Here's an interesting article : http://digital-photography-school.com/5-lessons-learned-switching-from-dslr-to-mirrorless-for-travel-photography/.

I hope that helps!
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By Yvonne Ivanescu
I agree with Kim. Back in the day I purchased the Sony Nex5 camera and I absolutely love it. As an amateur photographer, my NEX5 has allowed me to take some really amazing pictures and videos [all on the automatic setting]. You can also change the lenses but at the same time it is incredibly compact. I would highly recommend Sony.

Nowadays they've come out with some pretty great cameras that allow you to share your pictures through WiFi [which is an incredible time saver].
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By Carped15
Hi Chad

Was in the same situation a few weeks back, so I did some serious googling and decided on a canon g7x mark II. I will tell you that it is an amazing pocket size camera that takes stunning pictures. Not having bought a camera for 8 years, I was blown away by the quality of the pictures and the camera's ease of use. Check out the reviews. For a p/s camera it is as good as it gets.

For me personally it is the perfect camera as I work as a journalist and take a lot of pictures while I travel (to sell travel articles on the go). While still taking pictures in highest quality, it can still fit easily in my pocket and has a great zoom as well for both portraits and taking pictures from afar. I'm sure it won't let me down:-)

Kind regards

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By wzfoto
What type of photos do you shoot? Is your intended platform online, or do you plan to print them out in gallery size? Do you plan to do any advanced post processing?

For example, when traveling I like to shoot wide (architectures, interiors etc..). I have yet to find a small pocket size camera that can give me a wide enough field of view at a reasonable price point. So I m sticking to a 'compact' DSLR with a ultra wide angle lense.
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