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By Benballer
This past weekend My Family and I attended this outdoor cricket game while we were in England on vacation. Although cricket maybe a very famous sport in parts of Europe, in the United States it yet has not reached the point of being a popular sport. My wife and I thought it would be a great experience to take the kids to one of the games, but of course, mid way through it started pouring. Does anyone have any good weather application suggestions that I could use on my phone? Here the weather is very unpredictable just like the default weather app that already comes downloaded on my phone.

Thanks for your help, any advice will be useful! :)
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By bigguy
Sounds like a fun event! Going to places where the weather is unpredictable could be quite annoying sometimes, especially when attending an outdoor event. Standing underneath the rain is the last thing anyone wants, I speak from past experiences because it's happened to me a few times. My family and I love attending sporting events and concerts quite frequently, and before we book it I always check the weather on my phone. I typically always used the default app that came on my phone but it was unreliable, and didn't give me enough information. So I recently just downloaded this weather app called Weather Live Free, and it works great, I highly recommend it.

I hope I was able to help and answer your question!

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