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By SkylightINC
Hey guys!!! :)

Im Sam, I am the marketing at Skylight INC. So ill try and make it as brief as possible.

We're launching our patented product "The Skylight Smart Passport Wallet". Our founder thought of the idea after a few bad experiences at the airport.

"When at the airport i have my boarding pass in one pocket, passport in the right pocket, wallet in the back pocket, and headphones tangles somewhere, and its just brutal. Also when traveling over seas and i forget a travel adapter it can be a nightmare. Imp also that guy who never has a pen when customs forms are being handed out. " - Zak

Founder of Skylight INC

Long story short , after several prototypes and patents, we made our idea come to life. Its essentially a passport wallet, but with over 10 innovative features.

It has a built in 4000mah super slim power bank, Anti-Theft RFID, slots for your headphones, passport, boarding pass, cash ID's, has an LED indicator on the back , a pen holder, and also come with our Skylight stainless steel ball point pen.

I've attached photos to give you an idea of how it looks. We're launching on May 10th! Its so soon and we really want to ensure we have a successful campaign launch, so would you guys like to sign up to our email list? You'll automatically get 50% OFF retail and get it in any color of your choice, + we're doing a giveaway which will give you a chance to win a FREE trip to Cabo Mexico. Here's the link to our launch page. It would mean the world if you guys signed up, we promise NO spam, only an email to notify you that we're live. http://www.officialskylightinc.com

Thank so much for your time!

Skylight INC
Marketing Director
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By SkylightINC
Thanks, Christian! :D Really appreciate that. Took us quite a while to get it right but, it has definitely come full circle.

Btw we are getting them in carbon fiber, and Italian nubuck leather as well this week. May I add you to our early bird mail list?
We would email you once we go live and you would have it reserved @ 50% OFF in any color.

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By SkylightINC
Wes, our smart passport holders are going to start at $39 USD. That's less than the price of a normal leather wallet.

We are 9 days away from launch. I hope to see your support, it would mean a lot to us.

Thank you!
I have a slim, clear vinyl holder and it works just great, and it doesn't bulge my pocket like an extra wallet. This is definitely not for me.
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