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In the year 2017, HP customers still are not entitled to proper global service, and cannot work outside their country apparently.
I bought my computer in Sweden and working from Mexico atm. Despite having paid for extended warranty, I am stuck in the last 3 weeks in Mexico city with a 1 year old dead computer, waiting for HP internal bureaucracy for it to get fixed.
Not being able to work and spending money on accommodation, HP did not offer me any compensation or an alternative computer, and leave me hanging without any solution. The Mexican and Swedish service made no progress in the last 2 weeks and I can even start to describe my frustration. Never seen such an awful customer service in my life and will never buy HP again.
My holidays were ruined and I don´t know how long I will have to wait for this to be solved. I´m also at risk of losing the project I am working on as a freelance researcher.

If you have the patient to read this saga - here is a summery. I´ll spare you the long emails and disconnected phone calls...


7.12.2017 - Computer reported as not working with a hardware malfunction. The customer (Yoav Goldwein) is located in the pacific coast of Oaxaca state in Mexico.

First case with Mexican chat support - 5007043896. The service provider do not speak English and transfer me to the USA support.
Second attempt to reach English speaking service provider - 5007044988. No success.
Third case with USA support - 5007045830. All cases were closed immediatley despite the fact that I didn´t received any solutions.
Transformed back to Spanish support, with a Spanish speaking friend who´s helping with the service provider. In that call I am told I must hand the computer to one of HP labs in order for it to get fixed. The nearest one is in Mexico City.

I leave on that day and it takes my about two days to arrive by bus to Mexico City.

11.12.2017 - I hand the Computer to the only lab with a technician (after spending 5 hours on going between labs), which is located in Lindavista.
The technician tells me the computer will most likely be ready in the following day.

12.12.2017 - I call the lab, the technician tells me he is not authorised to fix the problem since the model does not exist in Mexico. He does not offer any solution and refuse to provide me a written declaration that he is not able to fix the computer for those reasons. I am been told that the problem is in the RAM component of the computer.

13.12.2017 - I am trying to reach the Swedish HP support and ask for the phone number which I couldn´t find in the website. New case number - 5007256513
I manage to connect with the Swedish support and speak with a representative named Simon. In the conversation, which lasted for 40 min, Simon does not provide me with any solution beside returning to Sweden and hand the computer for repair. Any attempt from my side to speak with a superviser or another representative is declined by Simon. Very upsetting service which ended with him telling me that the only thing I can do is to call Customer relations in the following day.

14.12.2017 - I call customer relations and speak with Jacob. Jacob is more solution oriented and offer me 3 possible solutions:
1. To send a new mother board with RAM component to Mexico for them to fix it.
2. To fix the computer in an informal repair shop despite the warranty, if the Mexican support are not willing to fix it. In that case I will be reimbursed for the cost and my warrenty will not be affected.
3. To get an approval for the Mexican team to fix the RAM despite HP regulations.
I provide Jacob with the direct details of the technician in Lindavista. Jacob asks me to wait for a couple of days for him to get an approval to proceed with one of those solutions.

In the same day I receive an email from the Mexican service - in Spanish. Case manager is Gerardo Landeros. I do not respond knowing Jacob is still figuring the case out.

18.12.2017 - I ask Jacob for updates on my situation. No news.
I receive an email from my Mexican case manager who wants to close the case. Apparently he was not aware that the Swedish service is on it. I reply saying that the case is still open and ask him to contact the Swedish customer service.
I never got a response.

19.12.2017 - Sending an email to Jacob. no response.

I receive a new case manager from the Mexican support named Mariana. She says she was trying to reach me by phone and couldn´t (my Swedish number is not active in Mexico which I said so from the beginning). She writes that she will try for two more days and then close the case.
I am trying to reach her through skype but can´t make the call cause the number is not right.

20.12.2017 - sending another email to Jacob, explaining we are two days away from the holiday vacation and I am still stuck in square one. Explaining I have lost already two weeks of work and stuck in Mexico City.
Jacob replies that there is still no progress and he will be moving my casr to his mentor.

Mariana repeats the same phone number via email without further explanation on how to commence the call. she mentions that the case will be closed if I can´t call her in two days. She also cannot contact me on skype or any other way other than phone call.
I manage to excute the call, but the extension code I was provided with is not working. The conversation disconnects.

21.12.2017 - Without response from Jacob I send him the details of Mariana, and literally begging him to contact her directly and solve this since he himself couldn´t contact the Mexican service.

I finally manage to reach Mariana after being transferred between few representatives which takes about 30 min. I speak with Mariana and all she manage to do is to ask for my case details (for the 4th time in that conversation), before the conversation disconnnect for some reason.
She replies with an email confirming the disconnection and says she is working to see if they can make an exception to do the repair. She also asks me if the unit is still at the lab.

I reply with a confirmation and ask to contact her directly cause I called again and got disconnected again after 20 min of holding on the line.
She replies saying the is no direct line and I must go through customer service even though it takes on average 20 min and 2-3 representatives before I reach her.

I send an email back begging for her to contact me somehow explaining that tomorrow is the last day before the holidays which will slow the process even more. No response.

22.12.2017 - Late afternoon I receive an email from Mariana saying that she is still waiting to get information from corporative to be able to proceed on my case. She wishes me a happy holiday. It wasn´t.

I also receive an email from Jacob who says that he saw that I contacted the Mexican service and he would like to close the case on his end.
I AM FURIOUS. I ask him not to close the case since we are still in square one. I repeat the solutions he provided me with a week before and saying I haven´t heard anything regarding these solutions and neither been offered with compensation or an alternative computer in the 2.5 weeks this is been going on for.

26.12.2017 - After the Xmas holiday I contact Mariana again asking for news. She replies with no news. I reply with saying that this is very urgent and I want to leave the city by the end of the week. This is of course not the first time I mention how urgent this matter is and how much it affects me in every passing day.
I don´t get a response.

27.12.2017 - After not getting a response from Jacob I call the Swedish customer service again. Apparently Jacob is on vacation and I am transferred to Heidi. She heard about my case and don´t understand the way the Mexican service have been dealing with it so far. She also says that her superviser is involved.
I still don´t get any solutions from her and convince her to contact Mariana directly so they can figure out what is wrong. I call back in 30 min to hear if there are any updates. Heidi says that there is no news and Mariana is trying to solve the case. She cannot help me further and provide me with a link to a complaint form.

I write Mariana again and ask if the computer can be sent to another destination in Mexico. No response yet.

28.12.2017 – Swedish service hand the case to the Mexicam service and refuse to handle the case.
Mexican service reply with no further news and cannot answer if the computer can be sent to another destination in Mexico. There goes the rest of my holidays. Happy New Year.


This story has been going on for 3 weeks so far without any solution in the horizon. As a freelancer working on a research project with an approaching deadline, the damage of the loss of 3 weeks of work is huge and my project is in jeopardy! I also had to spend money out of my on pocket to arrive to Mexico City and to finance my staying here for the last two weeks.
This is together with the stress and mental anxiety that have been caused to me by dealing with a disfunctioning support system that is not able to communicate between branches. In the year 2017, a global company should be able to provide an easy global service as many of laptop holders travel for work.
My computer is only 1 year old and I have paid for 2 years extended warranty which is 25% extra from the initial cost of the computer.

I asked for a quick intervention and compensation so my computer will be fixed by the end of the year and I will be able to leave Mexico City. Still dead end
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