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By Robert O'Kruk
I like this sites premise, "human powered flight searches". Send them your itinerary and they can look for a cheaper way to do the same route.

"Have you found some flights already? Choose this option to let our flight experts beat the price you’ve already found online. You only pay when the saving is bigger than our fee."


Has anyone used their service before?
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By martin-martin
I agree, it's a nice premise. Reducing transaction cost for customers.

Hm, so you do your research and if they find something cheaper then you end up paying less and they earn something off it too. It's indeed probably quite an untapped potential there (aka lots of money getting wasted by people booking flights without looking around online).
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By sara.pice
I have saved with Flystein $200 on nonstop round-trip flight from SFO to Singapore and got some cool advice how to get more miles from that trip. Apparently their experts are very good in that they do so I could highly recommend them.
Note that you don't get results right away but in few hours which is quite ok with me considering the amount of $ saved :)
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By Svea Lillepalu
As someone coming from a travel agency then they're basically a VA travel agency in a sense for flights. It's true that regular travelers do not have the knowledge (nor time nowadays) to search for cheaper fares. And by cheaper I mean not just 10 USD here/10 USD there.

I think that it's actually a pretty good idea as they can use 'hacks' (and I mean it in a good way :) ) that travel agencies can't. They're not tied to a GDS (which does allow some tricks though airlines do not like it) and therefore have more freedom to experiment and therefore help you save.

The service fees are OK as well considering the amount of time it must take to exhaust all the potential options and the fact that commissions are basically a thing of the past in the airline vs travel agency business (at least where I come from and I'm almost fully sure that it applies to the whole industry).

As a travel professional myself, I'm interested to give them a go at one point and see if they can beat the trusty Amadeus display :)
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By erebrus
I actually know the founder of flystein and despite the fact of not having used the service yet, I can personally vouch for how good they are because once in a while he justs asks me questions like:
-Do you want to go to Peru for 230$ round trip (from Europe)?
-Do you want to go to Tokyo for 240€ round trip (from Europe)?
-Do you want to go to New Zealand for 600$ round trip (from Europe)?

He is so good at it, that when he got married, he did it in a greek island and helped all the guests finding really cheap flights to attend the wedding.
So yes, I highly recommend it.
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