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For my website I am currently at a stage where my Instagram and Facebook followings are growing, but still relatively small compared to my twitter. My newsletter subscriptions are only a fraction of my social following. Currently when visitors open my website, they receive a pop up for my Facebook page. I am wondering what I should be prioritizing at this stage. From what I hear, Instagram can be the most useful in actually attracting and engaging followers, but with such a low email campaign following should I be focusing on that or letting it evolve naturally. Is it normal to have substantially less subscribers than followers?
Hey Sean! Happy to see you on the forum woot woot! :)

Good questions!

A link to your website will help to provide more context! Speaking in a general sense, I personally prefer an email subscription over a social media channel follow/like. This is not to say a social following is not valuable, just that I have had better success with email.

An excellent free tool for email collection and more: https://sumome.com/

In terms of prioritizing social channels. This will vary based on your niche. Different audiences engage more with different social platforms. I would really dive deep into who your audience is and figure out which social channels they use the most, prioritize based on this. It's always better to do a great job on one or two social channels than a mediocre job on 4 channels for example. You have to work within your resource limitations.

Link up your site and let us know if you have any more specific questions too! :)
I couldn't agree more with Robert's point: "It's always better to do a great job on one or two social channels than a mediocre job on 4 channels".

Unfortunately, it's not as easy as just saying "Definitely use Facebook". It's definitely a case of trail and error. If you are doing well with one network, keep it up, don't spread yourself too thin.
What are you selling? If you aren't selling anything what is your ultimate goal - generating affiliate income? Receiving consulting inquiries? etc.

Whatever is important to you, measure it. You can probably use Google Analytics for that. It's free.

Once you start recording things that are important to you (use "events") then you can go into Google Analytics and find out what channel is working best for you here:

Concentrate your efforts on the channel that is giving you the best results. 80/20 rule here totally applies. Put minimum effort in on the other channels (just x-post your content, or interact if you genuinely enjoy it) and if things start to pick up there (review google analytics regularly, at least once a month, or more often if you find it inspiring, just try not to get caught up in measurement for its own sake), then focus more efforts on the best channels.

Here's my events filtered by source. Facebook was paid ads, but hasn't been working out so great in terms of ROI yet. Reddit and Indiehackers have been solid for me, so I'm going to continue spending time contributing content there. Content will get syndicated to my other social media outlets.

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