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By jonny.ohlsson
What are some tools you use to communicate with other team members about projects and other aspects of work. Besides the regular social media communication and texting/calling.

I am working at a local "Best Buy" type store right now as one of three "Digital Marketing Specialist". I have been there for about 3 months now and the communication and processes they have are very dated and things seem to get lost. We use Outlook for emails and basically everything is routed to emails. From there we communicate through outlook, verbally/texting and phone calling. Information on to do lists are put on Evernote which is alright but I want to possibly pitch the boss on allowing us to use a messaging application or some other form of communication that ties everything into one.

Ie. Slack which is basically Discord which is what a lot of gamers use to communicate on.

I think having something like slack would be beneficial to use due to having so many things on the go. We are one of the biggest Ecommerce websites in Niagara Region. Our website is on Wordpress and we have about 4000 products online. We upload products and bundles daily also making them ourselves. All while adjusting pricing and abiding by Price lists from all the different brands which are listed on our website. We are looking into a program called ChannelAdvisor and I'm pretty sure we are going with them but it is VERY costly for the boss. This will help us have one dashboard as we don't only upload products to our site but we also manage 3 thirdparty websites with pricing and uploading individually. Amazon Newegg and Shop.ca.

Any tips and tools that you guys would advise on checking out would be of great help as right now our processes are lagging I feel.

:mrgreen: Anyways looking forward to hearing some answers.
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By Robert O'Kruk
Hey Johnny,

Using a combination of Outlook, verbal communication, texting and phone calling sounds downright unorganized! I know that using a process like that probably leads to a lot of things "falling through the cracks" which just hurts everyone involved, whether it's time lost, or angry customers, strong communication organization within teams is essential for improving teamwork and overall work quality in any setting I can think of.

Challenge 1 - whatever you pitch, and if you change will likely be met with some resistance. People don't like change! Especially related to how they do things everyday. Be prepared for this and have a plan to address people holding back to changes you implement.

I used a TON (both paid and free) of productivity, messaging and organizational products and services across a variety of teams. Here are the ones that consistently stood out both with myself, and other successful individuals I have worked with.

All of these are free / have free versions available:

Google Apps

- Gmail (so much better than outlook)
- Google Drive (Docs, Sheets & More)


- For messaging Slack is pretty damn good (tip: organize your convos into channels)
- For following up on Gmail messages. Boomerang is the most helpful app I have ever discovered for email. I swear by it.
- For task management, check out Asana & Trello (I would vote Asana over Trello for this)

Whatever variety of tools you use, you need to setup processes so that everyone does things / communicates the same way where it makes sense. Your goal should be to use these tools to create "Freedom Within a Framework".

You're making changes and using new things to improve your output, free up time wasted on boring communication management , leaving time to be spend on the real challenges. Freedom Within a Framework does not limit or create unnecessary rules for people, it provides a structured way to work together with others in a mutually beneficial way.

Let me know if you have any specific challenges along the way!
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By dljoymi
Hi Johnny, BTDT it's a full-time job keeping up with all those things!

Seems like there are 3 main areas to address:
1. Web team action items/status & communications
2. External partner status updates.
3. Internal status updates & communications

As mentioned, getting change implemented is crazy hard. Here's how I've tackled:
1. Web team - your team will be the most interested in streamlining.
a. Asana - workflow, task management. It's device agnostic and has an app. You can send emails from Outlook to Asana if you need to action it.
b. Slack - team communication. Pretty sure it integrates with Asana.

2. External & Internal status updates & communications. You'll most likely be working with other corporations who have Microsoft. Google is fantastic but doesn't play well with Outlook. Plus Microsoft Office (PC version) has amazing integration options. Google 'how to use OneNote for Project Management'
a. Outlook - email; calendar - use the flags, assign follow up, use the reminders.
b. OneNote - Status sheets, meeting notes, assign tasks. It integrates seamlessly with Outlook (PC only, not Mac). Create a Notebook for main subject and pages by item. You can link to other pages and documents on your hard drive within a page.
WebEx - IM (You can do a screen grab of any pertinent CYA stuff and put in OneNote)
Join.Me - for those times when no one can make screen sharing work via WebEx!
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By chunsa
I work as a customer support agent for an Australian company and there are only two people (me included) who are working remotely - in the Philippines.

Here are the tools that we use for communication:

1. Gmail
2. Google Drive - really helpful for sharing docs, sheets, etc
3. Asana - for assigning tasks whether its a group or individual project
4. Slack - great for communicating with the team especially when I'm one of the few who does remote working. Also, they updated the app with a thread messaging feature, so it's really good! (Side note: I carry my mobile phone w/ me at all times so if there's an emergency, my colleagues slack me right away and vise versa).
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By Ben
I'm a remote web developer and blogger, currently working from Barcelona, Spain. Everything I do is online based so I'm trying to have everything in the cloud.

- Google Drive / Gmail: just painless to use when the whole organisation is also using it. I'm amazed at how they made document sharing, collaboration and editing so easy.
- Slack: both for communication inside the company as well as various community Channels to connect for local startup scene or side project.
- Bitbucket: for coding related things although we manage all the task with the next tool
- Asana: project management, scheduling, tasks. Pretty much anything that can't be done with the previous tools. I'm not actually a big fan of Asana but couldn't find anything else yet.

- Meetup: pretty big here in spain. You can find a lot of work opportunities just going to events. Trying to limit events at a couple per week.
- Daysk: small app to book coworking places. Started in Barcelona so probably not very useful in other countries than Spain yet. But definitely changed the way I work on the go. Committing to the same coworking for full months was never my thing. Might be very personal I love to go to 2 or 3 different ones every week, for half days. This way to meet a lot of people and also find a lot of work that way.
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By CameronM
Our team uses Gmail, Google Drive, Dropbox, Slack and Podio. I find these tools very easy to use and have improved our efficiency. Worked well for us. We've been using these for years.
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By craigchilds94

I'm a web developer for an entirely remote agency. We're situated over many timezones and locations so finding the right tools to help us work together effectively is often difficult. We primarily make use of the following tools:

1. Slack
2. GMail
3. GDrive
4. Dropbox
5. Toggl
6. Trello
7. Bitbucket
8. Screenhero
9. Docker
10. Sneek

I'm a lead developer of Sneek, an always on snapshot/video call app which makes working remotely easier, more fun and more like working in an office. It brings you and your colleagues. We built it for ourselves and we highly recommend other remote workers/teams give it a try! Prior to developing Sneek we used a service called Sqwiggle, which unfortunately shut down :(
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By Timmyfish001
Hey! Lots of great suggestions here. But something I think's been overlooked so far - analytics dashboards.

I use my Google Data Studio Dashboard every single day. It's one of the easiest ways to get easy insights into my (and my clients) website performance, and actually reduces the amount of contact I have with my clients - great for efficiency.

If you're running a website, and not looking at your analytics, you're missing out on a world of seriously valuable information. Just knowing your demographic data can give you a world of insight into who your visitors actually are.

Personally, I don't like the Google Analytics UI for making top level analysis, so GDS is a far better option for me.

If you feel the same way, feel free to check out my GDS Website Performance Dashboard.

If you're having trouble getting it set up for yourself, I put together a blog post to compliment it. It breaks down how to set up your own dashboard with your Google Analytics data, and some handy analysis's it can be used for.
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By timrichardson
We've found that communication is the main bridge to cross when working remotely. Depending what we need from another colleague will determine how we communicate with them so we have a few tools we use when we need to talk to teammates.

    Slack: Instant messaging app where we can have bot work and social conversations. Allows us to ask a question to everyone without directly disturbing them.

    Video chat: For when face to face and group meetings are needed, a few of the ones we use are — Google Hangouts, Skype, Appear.in

    PukkaTeam: (Disclaimer: I'm part of the team that built this) This helps build team presence and allows us to see other teammates availability. Also has integrated video calling which makes everyone, regardless of where they are, just “a tap on the shoulder away”.

    Email: For any other communication, whether that’s emailing clients, colleagues when they aren't available via Slack or for video calls.

As well as direct communication with the rest of the team (as with the tools above), there's also ensuring everyone has access to the same resources and knowledge, for which we use:

    Wrike: This is for our project management, where we have all our projects centralised in one place. We can then schedule when we'll work on them and assign the amount of time we spend working on each task. It allows us to better plan and schedule our work days especially on projects where we'll need to work directly with other teammates.

    Google docs: Easy for everyone to have access and work on group documents, once again all centrally kept in one place where everyone has access to the same resources as everyone else.

    Trello: We use this for our project roadmap, a high level overview so everyone can use to see at what stage a project or feature is at.

Hope this helps :D
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By n8stark
Here are 4 apps that I use everyday, all day, I'm surprised they're not mentioned yet!

(1) InvoiceNinja.com - all invoicing, payments, expenses, time-tracking: I live inside of this as much as I do my email.
(2) Streak - a gmail plugin as a CRM, since it is inside of gmail I don't need to switch tabs/screens. Call me lazy, but I love it.
(3) Emailmeform - identical to Wufoo forms but 1/3rd the price, and they are very responsive to Qs.
(4) Dropbox: Everyone knows Dropbox, I love there phone app also.
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By Richard Orem
Thanks for bringing up an important discussion. I work in a digital marketing agency. Here are the tools we use for day to day tasks:

Fluxes.com- for managing tasks, projects and team work. It's a free web based tool.
Skype- for communicating with remote team.
Gdrive and Dropbox- for saving files.

We get most of our works done using Fluxes as it lets you manage projects, invite team members, save and share files and communicate via live chat. It's such an useful tool for team collaboration.
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