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By david nge
There are lots of success stories of how people managed to make a living online, but often they don't tell the story of past failures or trials & errors that may (or may not) lead to their current success. If you have "made it" would you mind sharing

1) what have you tried (to earn income online) previously that didn't work?
2) what skills did you have to acquire to get to where you are today?
3) how long did it take you?

Appreciate all the answers in advance!
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By martin-martin
Hei david!

I don't know what it really means to have made it, or whether I qualify for this : )

But I've been now traveling for longer periods of time and earning money on the digital road, so I figure I can add my metaphorical 2 Cents to the thread.


I've started to learn about programming about 2 years ago.
I hadn't done it before, so I was fresh to the whole topic. It had interested me for a while, but I never took the time to get to know more.
So at that time I took a bunch of online classes on Coursera and edX. Some of which were about programming. When Udacity rolled out a 50% back upon graduation offer, I signed up for a series of introduction to programming courses together with a friend (they call these bundles "Nanodegrees"). I learned quite some things about web development and python, and had fun doing so. : )

I guess I have a strong opinion on (online) education, having grown up with parents who are teachers, completed a standard school system, then a degree, and later a bunch of MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses). I also have a strong opinion about feedback. I consider useful and thorough feedback very helpful for learning, and like to both receive and give it where I can.

Based off of that, through interacting directly with the support team at Udacity, informing them about small mistakes on their site and also complaining about low-quality feedback I had received within their program, the chance opened up to step onto the other side of the site and give feedback to students as a contractor for Udacity.

That was the first time I earned money online, and it felt very exciting : D

Since then I've gotten more and more involved with contracting opportunities within Udacity and have been steadily earning a bit of money working in online education.
I answer Forum posts, mentor students, and review projects. My income depends on how much I do (currently very little), but the options are still there.
Some aspects can feel frustrating at times, and some others tend towards becoming repetitive, but on the other hand some interactions with students are extremely rewarding. And I still get to learn a lot of new things on the way : )


So this is how I currently earn small amounts of money online, and how I got to be here.

I remember that it felt very good when I was traveling in the summer of 2015, and realized that when I settled down for a day and did some work, I could earn myself the money to continue my travel for a few more days. : )

It's a great feeling, and even though I might not be perpetually traveling, I still highly appreciate the possibility to whenever and wherever I am, be able to sit down and earn some money that allows me to go somewhere new, or stay somewhere longer.

Hope this was a bit interesting, and I'll be glad to answer any questions if you'd like to hear more : )
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By Robert O'Kruk
Hey Farooq. I think you might find that actually people are willing to share their secrets. Not all of them of course but this is what I mean. A lot of the time, there is no real secret to certain people's success. There is only hard work. There are a ton of resources available online to help people learn how to earn money themselves online, but often times they can requires 1,000's of hours and potentially many months of time to see any fruit from the labour.

Everyone is looking for a get rich quick secret, but so far in my experience, they do not exist! For the most part, good things comes to those who work smart and hard.
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By yennybelles
I began a page on Facebook when I was still in college. At first it was just memes and stuff until the page actually grew to 330k likes. Then I started selling tshirts to them since they were in a specific niche. :D :D :D :D

Now I'm trying selling online ecourses.. Hear this new one popping up: https://truacademy.com/en/
Has anyone tried it?

:( :shock: 8-) Buy your own fries
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By footloose
Offer hosting services. Don't need any skills besides a sense of humour. Easy way to make a small regular income. It also opens doors as your clients grow their understanding and needs on the net.
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By footloose
There are a couple of simple rules. First you need to make yourself useful. Secondly you need to get seen. If you get these two right you are going to get used.

That is the easy bit.

Next one has to figure out how to turn that interest, that traffic, into an income.

This is not as easy.

Not as easy as it could be. But there are so many opportunities, it is foolish not to try.
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