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By xtjnrchris
Flight hacking has been one of my biggest obsession in recent months, all in a bid to try to find the cheapest way to travel from point A to B.

Here are some tips based on what I've found:

- best deals in first/ business class are usually done via miles, if you don't have enough you could buy miles from airline or dozen of partner airlines.
- how well in advance do you book (best is 2-6 months in advance)
- which dates/season do you pick (avoid school holidays in both countries in possible)
- what is your flexibility on dates and airports
- are you ok with extra stops or even overnight stopovers?
- there are also flight hacking experts such as Flystein who can help to save time and money.
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By Kamal Kataria
Hi, I have recently come across www.uddjaa.com for travel deals.. I booked a flight and hotel room both at a very competitive price. Its user friendly and easy to use as it not complicated.
I suggest to try it to compare prices before you make a flight or hotel booking.

Thanks :-)
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By jack.bates
I have found Google flights is a great resource to start. It allows you to pick your starting location and view a map of the world and prices to fly to different locations. I've found a few ways to best utilize this tool.

First off all figure out where you want to go

I like to search one way flights as sometimes that seems to show the best deals

If you are trying to cross into Europe from the US it can be advantageous to get yourself to NYC first. Many cities fly into NYC for very cheap and then to cross the ocean NYC has some of the best rates.

If you are willing to take a couple flights I've found going to Dublin, Paris, Rome, or Barcelona seem to have cheap (around $150-200) one way flights to those locations from NYC right now

If you know where you want to go, you can click on a ticket and then it will take you from the map to a more detailed page....you can click the calendar area to get a dropdown allowing you to change the date. You can see on that dropdown that each day shows the variety of pricing which can vary drastically.

If your travel dates are very open you can look at the price graph option to see what the best prices are on the graph

One last trick I've found helpful is to do a reverse search....start with where you want to go and see what locations are cheap to fly to from there....many times the reverse flights which are the ones you need to get to your location are similar in price

The flexibility you have in time and how many flights you are willing to take will make a big difference in your ultimate cost....also don't forget to consider bag fees as multiple!e flights of course can come with multiple fees.
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By diego.scur
Hi there, my name is Diego and I am based in London at the moment. I own a blog of cheap airlines tickets, I just update tickets fares with big discounts (not less than 40%), mistake fares (Like London to Amsterdam for £ 2.00 return), or just promotions tickets to all around the world.

If you don't wanna miss the next cheap flight, give a like in my page on Facebook. :D

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By Digitaldavid
The best answer is google flights I discovered that all my searches on other platforms were included in the database? Comprendé really this is true therefore it searches every site in the world , and leads you directly to the booking. However, if you know a staff member at the airline or a travel agent this can be cheaper than online. Surely. :!:
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By Kotel Trader
Hi everyone

Aside from occasional 'mistake' fares, the key to finding discounted air fares is getting creative with where your ticket begins or originates, as well as sometimes taking some indirect routings.

For example, say I wanted to fly from London UK to Rio de Janeiro. I can code up a search query based on beginning my journey at London Heathrow, or any number of European hubs. In this example, I discover that the cheapest business class fare for my dates is USD 2,546, flying with Lufthansa via Frankfurt.

However, with the amount of travel I do, I tend to get a bit fussy, so I know that Lufthansa's current generation of business class product isn't great. I also want to accumulate mileage / status with the OneWorld alliance.

So I look at equivalent fares from OneWorld alliance carriers: starting in London, the cheapest I could find was with British Airways for USD 3,049. While Iberia will give me a business seat via Madrid for USD 3,830.

By getting a bit more creative with my routing, I can come up with something much more interesting and cost effective. In the meantime I decide I'd also like to spend some time in Barcelona during the same period. So a few taps later, I discover that I can get a round-trip business class seat with British Airways, flying Barcelona-London-Sao Paulo for USD 2,246. In this example I use some of my British Airways miles to get the 'feeder' flights to/from London which book end this trip, and pay around USD 60 for a separate economy class round-trip ticket Sao Paulo-Rio de Janeiro - only a short hop.

There are many other examples where I've saved considerably more, but the one above suited the exact needs of places where I both needed and wanted to be at the time.

As for finding the fares themselves, I use Matrix Airfare Search (Matrix was acquired by Google a few years back).

A useful resource for finding some of the best premium fares around is the various subforums of Flyertalk.
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By hikinggearlab
I normally used to book ticket within 6-3 months of the journey. Avoid festival seasons of the locations, where we are traveling. First up all, find out a comparative rate of the flight from sites like:- TripAdvisor, Skyscanner and MakeMyTrip etc. Before finalizing the flight, compare the rate with original site of the airlines to confirm an offer direct from airlines.
Avoid traveling on weekend and on holidays. Always check the duration of the flight and stopovers. Happy journey :) :) :)
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By Matt Alexander
Digitaldavid wrote:I discovered that all my searches on other platforms were included in the database? Comprendé :!:

Last time I tried Google Flights, they didn't have Norwegian Airlines flights. That's a dealbreaker for me.
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By Matt Alexander
Kiwi has them and usually averages a pretty low price.

You can usually save up to five more dollars by buying from the airline itself.
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