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We recently launched our mobile app on iOS & Android - Moving Nomads, which has user generated tips to help you find the best WiFi cafes, co-working spaces, sim cards & connects you with other Digital Nomads.
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The app provides city-level data like internet speeds, safety, working spaces, nightlife, English speaking, weather, budgets, accommodation prices & flight prices To provide richer insights within a city, the app has user generated tips for cafes with WiFi, places to buy sim cards, co-working spaces & co-living spaces. Moving Nomads also helps you connect with other Digital Nomads who have previously visited the city you’re going to or are currently in that city. The Moving Nomads app has data on over 300 cities, hundreds of user generated tips & thousands of Digital Nomads. It is available for free to download on the App Store & Google Play. Looking forward for your feedback! :D
Hiya, I LOVE the idea of this - as the first thing I do when I go to a new area is look for places to work, so if there was somewhere that curated the best places- it would save so much time!!! I've written a few posts on the best WiFi cafes in the following spots, if you're looking for any extra areas to cover?
- London (https://hatsoff.world/digital-nomad-cof ... ps-london/)
- Bristol (https://hatsoff.world/coffee-shops-in-bristol/)
- Mexico City (https://hatsoff.world/coffee-shops-in-mexico-city/)
- Taghazout (https://hatsoff.world/coffee-shops-taghazout/)
- And Medellin (https://hatsoff.world/best-coffee-shops-in-medellin/)
... Would love to collab if you're interested in finding any more contributors - please just credit me! :)

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