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Through my experience meeting and helping hundreds of digital nomads, one observation I have made is that as a whole, our group of people is not very good at getting paid! I'm constantly meeting people using no organization or process to get themselves paid for the work they're doing as a digital nomad.

Another truth I know, if you're not hounding your clients to pay you, their priority is certainly not on paying you. They're usually happy to pay, but they often can use a reminder or two.

So between the lack of process and our clients differing priorities, a lot of digital nomads struggle to keep track of getting paid and getting paid on time.

Mario and Arielle, team members of AND CO - https://www.and.co/ - reached out to me to share what they're working on. Essentially AND CO is online and mobile app that helps freelancers of all types use a structured and simplified process to help automate the process of getting paid by clients. There's a free trial with a premium subscription costing $9 USD a month.

I checked out the free trial and was really impressed with the streamlined process they created for managing invoices and getting paid. I have yet to see a service as simple and fast to use for basic invoicing as this.

I know there's a lot of you who would really get a lot of value out of an app like this, so if you hate invoicing, struggle to get paid on time and want to spend a lot less time on this necessary evil that is personal accounting, check out the free trial. It's a solid app with a great team behind it. If you end up wanting to use the premium version, you can use the code "DNF15" to get 15% off for one year :)

Leave questions and comments below and their team members will be happy to chime in :)
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